Darlene L. Piña, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Sociology
CSU, San Marcos, San Marcos, California, USA
Telephone: (760) 750-4202

I joined the Sociology department as a Lecturer in 1992 and then in 1995 I became an Assistant Professor.  I earned my doctorate at the University of Southern California, specializing in Aging & the Life Course and Families & Intimate Relationships.  I teach several courses in the Children, Youth, & Families concentration of the Sociology major, including Family Violence, Domestic Violence Prevention & Intervention, and Divorce & Remarriage.  I also teach the Capstone Seminar on Sociological Scholarship and several courses in the MASP program.  My previous research projects involved organizational evaluations and interventions aimed at enhancing culturally competent practice at social service agencies.  Currently, my research focuses on the medicalization and political economy of disease detection and treatment.

Sample Publications:
Piña, Darlene L. (2001) "Racism and Diversity in U.S. Society: Issues for Clinical Sociologists" in Handbook of Clinical Sociology, Rebach, Howard M., & Bruhn, John G. (Eds), New York: Kluwer Academic/Plenum, pp 327-352.

Piña, Darlene L., and Laura Canty-Swapp. (1999) "Melting Multiculturalism: Legacies of Assimilation Pressures in Human Service Organizations.” Journal of Sociology and Social Welfare, 26(4), 87-113.

Piña, Darlene L. (1998) "Providing Culturally Sensitive Services to Latino Clients: A Case Study of a Non-Profit Organization." Clinical Sociology Review.

Piña, Darlene L. (1998) "Medicaid Beneficiaries' Experiences in HMO and Fee-for-Service Health Care." Journal of Health Care for the Poor and Underserved, 9(4), 433-448.