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The Advanced Certificate in Educational Technology program is designed to help educators who work in schools, museums, libraries, and other informal learning settings develop an understanding of the needs of the 21st century learners, and apply the models for effective integration of technology into instructional design and assessment. The courses are offered in online or in hybrid format to accomodate different learning needs of students. The program is offered through Open University so anyone, on a space-available-basis, can take the courses and complete the Educational Technology certificate. Students can register and enroll to courses through Extend Learning. 

In the end of the program, students will:

  • understand how to plan, develop, communicate, implement, and evaluate technology-infused strategic plans in different learning instituitions.  
  • develop skills and confidence to approach and use a variety of digital tools and resources to support rich learning experiences.
  • design, develop, and implement technology-rich learning experiences and programs that are grounded in theories of learning and motivation, and promote best practices in teching, learning, and assessment.
  • demonstrate and apply their knowledge in a working environment where technology is utilized to support rich learning experiences, and professional development.    

The certificate program is a 12-unit program where students can complete the course work in two to four semesters. Academic units earned in this program can be applied to M.A. General Option.