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2015-2016 AE&SS Fee Report

The Academic Excellence and Student Success (AE&SS) fee is designed to support student learning and engagement; and to ensure that students graduate in a timely manner with the tools to be successful in their chosen careers. The fee has been used for additional course sections, undergraduate advising, career support, academic support, and student life and recreational opportunities. It has preserved our student-centered mission, vision and values, and provides students increased opportunities for success.

Per Executive Order 1054, during the alternative consultation process for the AE&SS fee, students had an opportunity to learn about how the fee would contribute to faster graduation times. By graduating even one semester earlier, students would be able to save $8,000-23,000 in tuition, fees and expenses, and start their careers earlier. One of the most important aspects of the AE&SS fee is that 100% of the fee–unlike tuition or other payments—stays on our campus for the intended use: providing quality programs and services to students despite the economic challenges experienced by the state or CSU system. Another important finding from the alternative consultation process was that students wanted to remain informed about how the fee was put to use each year. Together with the Budget Office and Student Fee Advisory Committee, the following information has been provided to offer transparency of AE&SS allocations for the 2015-2016 academic year.


FY 15/16 Academic Excellence and Student Success Fees - University Allocation Total: $5,684,358
Academic Affairs $4,867,744
Student Affairs $786,614
Community Engagement - Office of Internships $30,000

Student Affairs

FY 15/16 Academic Excellence and Student Success Fees - Student Affairs Total: $786,614
College Access, Readiness, & Success Services (CARSS) $242,684
Career Center $190,895
Undergraduate Advising Services (UAS) $166,513
Educational Opportunity Program (EOP) $108,388
Student Life & Leadership $78,134
FY 15/16 Academic Ecellence and Student Success Fees - Community Engagement Total: $30,000
Office of Internships $30,000

Academic Affairs

FY 15/16 Academic Excellence and Student Success Fees - Academic Affairs College FY 15/16 Total: $4.867,744
CEHHS School of Education CEHHS $469,000
CEHHS Human Development CEHHS $83,068
CEHHS Dean's Office CEHHS $75,000
CEHHS Kinesiology Lab CEHHS $27,353
CEHHS College Total: $849,299
COBA Instruction COBA $372,703
COBA College Total: $372,703
CSM Instruction CSM $805,549
CSM Chemistry CSM $22,750
CSM Biology CSM $21,000
CSM College Total: $849,299
Math Lab Instruction Support $146.563
Writing Center Instruction Support $137,044
STEM Instruction Support $128,134
Office of Graduate Studies and Research Instruction Support $85,531
Supplemental Instruction Instruction Support $48,976
Office of Undergraduate Studies Instruction Support $30,111
Language Learning Center Instruction Support $27,519
First Year Programs Instruction Support $11,832
Instruction Support Total: $615,710
Library Collections Library $385,000
Library Total: $385,000
Office of Academic Programs Office of Academic Programs $660,036
Office of Academic Programs Total: $660,036

The University Budget Committee (UBC), in its advisory role to the President, provides recommendations for funding priorities that are aligned to the campus's strategic plan. The AE&SS fee funds priorities that are linked to student success through providing course sections, supporting student academic and career support services and increasing library resources. Each fall the Office of the Vice President for Student Affairs, which oversees all student fees through the Student Fee Advisory Committee (SFAC), provides information on the previous academic year's allocations. SFAC meets on a monthly basis, and is comprised of students, faculty, staff and administrators. Members of the university community are welcome to attend meetings.