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Historical Timeline

California State University San Marcos - and it's predecessor, San Diego State North County, the satellite campus it emerged from - has enjoyed a sustained relationship with the many local American Indian tribes in its service area.  The relationships were established through the interest and commitment of a few and have evolved into some formal relationships that involve scores of individuals across all divisions and colleges at the University. 


  • Hosted the first American Indian Storytelling in SDSU North County's one room library, featuring local elders - and drawing hundreds from the local community
  • Began working with local tribal libraries that were facing closure due to federal grant funds drying up


  • Hosted second American Indian Storytelling-SDSU North County Library


  • Hosted third American Indian Storytelling-SDSU North County Library


  • Hosted the first American Indian Cultural Fair at the SDSU North County "Jerome's" campus
  • First class of Cal State San Marcos students requested Luiseño word for mountain lion - library faculty member worked with Mark Macarro, tribal librarian at Rincon, to approach elder, Villiana Hyde, to bring the word back to students
  • Tukwut adopted as informal mascot/spirit word for new university
  • Associated Students American Indian Scholarship was established and later named in honor of Lee Dixon
  • Library hosted artist Deborah Small's installation "New World Women" - which chronicled the treatment of Native women by Columbus


  • Hosted the second American Indian Cultural Fair at the Red Barn - co-hosted with Cal State San Marcos
  • Library organized a panel of local Indian speakers for American Indian Library Association conference in San Francisco
  • 1992
  • Hosted the third annual American Indian Cultural Fair at the Red Barn - as Cal State San Marcos
  • Library hosted a panel featuring local Indian speakers - "Columbus Didn't Discover America: Native Perspectives on the Quincentenary"
  • Library faculty member began working with the Rincon Tribal Library, on request of Culture Committee elders, on the evaluation of their Luiseño Culture Bank
  • Cal State San Marcos American Indian Student Alliance was established
  • Native history professor establishes Native American Documents Project website


  • Hosted the first annual American Indian Pow Wow at Cal State San Marcos on the new, permanent site on Twin Oaks Valley Road
  • Hosted the first American Indian Student College Motivation Day, bringing 90 Indian students from local reservations -this event preceded the Pow Wow every year through 1999
  • Uncle Henry Rodriguez (Luiseño/La Jolla) invited to provide blessing at commencement- and did so at the International Festival and other key events until his death in 2002
  • Uncle Henry and Jane Dumas (Kumeyaay/Jamul) begin coming to campus annually to address a variety of classes on local Native culture, stories and ethnobotany


  • Hosted the American Indian Pow Wow for 10 years until funding and staffing fell short


  • Began hosting local Bird Singers as part of the General Education Humanities section - for a number of years


  • Library faculty member began working with Pala Tribal Library on expansion plans, federal grant applications and professional assessment
  • Library faculty member co-authored, with Lakota professor of education, "Sovereignty, Collaboration and Continuing Challenge:
            A History of Tribal Libraries in San Diego County"-which put local tribal libraries on the national map
  • Library faculty member started the Tribal Library Intern Project in partnership with CSU Fullerton-a program that places Library School graduate students in local tribal libraries-more than 25 interns have interned in the Rincon, Pala and Pauma tribal libraries since the program commenced
  • Uncle Henry Rodriguez provides blessing at the Questival, a campus-wide event


  • A time capsule, dedicated to Uncle Henry Rodriguez, is buried in front of Craven Hall - to be opened in 2021


  • Library hosted installation and lecture by internationally known artist, Hachivi Edgar Heap of Birds- event drew many local Indian people to the University


  • Library faculty member served as President of the American Indian Library Association-brought issues faced by local tribal libraries into national spotlight
  • Library faculty member, Dean of the Library, and Vice President for Academic Affairs attend the opening of the new Pala Library and Education Center


  • Library faculty member invited to deliver annual Faculty Colloquium speech on tribal libraries-sparked interest in faculty on issues facing local tribes


  • Library faculty member conducts the Tribal Library Census & Needs Assessment project for the California State Library - encompassing 37 reservations & establishing stronger bonds with local tribes
  • Recommendations from the project to the State Librarian result in formal recognition of tribal libraries by the California State Library
  • Arts & Lectures hosts Luiseño artist, James Luna, for an art installation and cross-disciplinary classroom seminars


  • Library faculty member and ITS web designer develop the Library of California Tribal Library Census & Needs Assessment website
  • Library faculty member and ITS web designer establish a statewide Native Libraries listserv
  • Arts & Lectures hosts "Smoke Signals" director, Chris Eyre - event draws a large crowd of local Indian people to the University
  • Uncle Henry Rodriguez is conferred with an honorary degree of Doctor of Humane Letters at commencement
  • University Library hosts the first "A Gathering of Voices" conference for tribal librarians and educators from 37 local reservations
  • First year of the Indian Rock/Native Garden Project, a collaboration between advanced computer art and anthropology students at CSUSM and the San Luis Rey Band of Luiseño Indians - class offered every year


  • Library faculty member organizes the Tierra Del Sol Tribal Librarians Group (TDSTL), the first of its kind in the state
  • Library faculty member invited to sit on Lt. Governor's Senate Bill 41 Advisory Committee - California Indian curriculum revision
  • Campus holds a memorial ceremony for the late Dr. Uncle Henry Rodriguez


  • University Library hosts the second "A Gathering of Voices" for 37 local reservations
  • Arts & Lectures hosts Tracy Lee Nelson's Native Blues Band - drawing Indian students and community members to campus
  • Library faculty member coordinates the inaugural meeting of the Native Libraries Round Table of the California Library Association
  • University President hosts lunch and discussion with Pala and Pauma tribal officials in his board room
  • Native Studies minor is established


  • Library faculty member accompanied two federal officials from IMLS, the principal granting agency for tribal libraries, to Pala and Pauma tribal libraries
  • Pauma Chairman, Chris Devers, provides a traditional blessing for the opening of the Kellogg Library
  • Arts & Lectures presents the play based on the life of Katherine Siva Saubel - "We Are Still Here" at the California Center for the Arts, Escondido to a standing room only crowd of over 400 - mostly local Native people - University President delivered the welcome - having been on campus one month
  • Library hosts The Indian Rock Native Garden Project as the inaugural exhibit for the new library - opened with traditional local blessing, song and dance.
  • University President hosted a luncheon meeting for the North County American Indian Education Council
  • Library faculty member escorted University President, Provost and Associate Vice President for Research to visit Pala, Pauma and San Pasqual reservations
  • Tribal Liaison position is established - first of its kind in the California State University system
  • Established the Tribal Communities Initiatives Task Force - inviting faculty from across all colleges and disciplines, administrators and staff who were working in or with tribal communities
  • Held four Task Force meetings - one held on local reservation
  • Task Force projects launched in this first year include:
    • Meetings between School of Nursing faculty and staff and the Native American Research Centers for Health staff at Indian Health Council in Rincon
    • Small group traveled to CSU San Bernardino to talk with organizers of their well regarded California Indian Day
    • Revived activity on the Lee Dixon Indian Scholarship and got Dixon family connected
    • Added Community Service Learning Director, College of Business and College of Education faculty to Task Force
    • Luiseño language transferability explored
    • Tribal Liaison coordinated CSUSM delegation to "Prez to the Rez" at Pauma
  • Tribal Liaison co-coordinated first Native North County Higher Education Alliance symposium at Mira Costa
  • Tribal Liaison organized discussions with Pala Tribal Executive Committee and campus deans regarding potential business course provision on the reservation


  • Held six Task Force meetings with three held on local reservations
  • Task Force activities launched during this year were:
    • Met with James Luna, Palomar Academic Counselor, regarding Indian student issues
    • Library and Visual Art faculty members met with family of Henry Rodriguez to demonstrate digitization process and potential for Henry's notebook collection
    • Meetings with faculty member and Dean of College of Education to discuss support for tribal charter schools
    • Dean of College of Education and faculty member visit Vivian Banks and All Tribes' for tour and meeting with principals
    • Health & Human Services personnel met with Indian Health Council and began collaborating on joint grant projects
    • Linguistics professor got involved with language revival program at Rincon
    • Hosted a visit by Tribal Digital Village staff - with ITS staff to review sound and video equipment in Kellogg
    • University Outreach held College Information night at Rincon for tribal community parents, students and educators
    • Developed a ‘special topics' placeholder in Native Studies in order to invite local Native scholars to teach courses on campus
    • Science and math faculty traveled to Pala, Pauma and Rincon to discuss needs with tribal education folks
    • Tribal education staff begin taking various relevant Extended Studies classes and seminars
    • Chemistry faculty member met with Pala EPA Director (an alum)
    • Added ITS member to Task Force
    • Political Science faculty met with Dr. Joely De La Torre, CSUSB, Director of Tribal Government, Management & Leadership program
    • President hosted reception for tribal leaders and educators from nine northern tribes
  • Tribal Liaison helps to coordinate the first training of tribal librarians by the California State Library in the history of the state - at Pala reservation
  • California State Librarian attends training to confer certificates - first interface between tribal librarians and State Librarian in state history
  • Cal State San Marcos begins attending all SCTCA monthly education meetings
  • College of Business conducts Senior Experience project working with Tribal Digital Village
  • Campus began posting faculty positions on the California Indian Professors Association website
  • Campus appointed a set on CSUSB's Tribal Government, Management & Leadership Advisory Board
  • Hosted "Tukwut Scholars", a simulated first day of college for 4th grade Indian students
  • Tribal Liaison honored at annual SCTCA High School Graduation Banquet - for service to Indian community - shines light on CSUSM
  • Began providing SDSU American Indian Studies personnel with background on Tribal Liaison position
  • Subcommittee of the Native Advisory Council began researching MOUs between universities and tribes
  • Employee Management Certificate Program delivered to Pala leadership
  • Hosted Young Native Scholars on campus, overnight, in dorms
  • Dixon family honored at annual Scholarship Donor/Recipient reception
  • Tribal Liaison member escorted the new Director of the San Diego County Library system to six reservations to help build links between the two
  • Tribal Liaison solicited State Librarian, on behalf of Tribal Digital Village, to renew support for local tribe's eligibility for e-rate
  • Two local Indian women invited to speak to Women's Studies class
  • Native Advisory Council is formed based on input from reception held earlier in the year - and only one of two in the California State University system
  • Held inaugural meeting of the Native Advisory Council with President
  • President names her home "a$wut pote" - Luiseño for eagle's nest
  • President Haynes hosted local Native people in her home for the first time in the University's history


  • Mission statement of the Native Advisory Council is approved:

The California State University San Marcos Native Advisory Council will:

*Advise the President on University relations with Native American communities
*Articulate the educational needs of the local California reservations and surrounding Indian communities to the University
*Foster collaboration between the University and the Native American community to achieve mutual goals
*Promote and support academic and professional access and success of Native American students and employees at Cal State San Marcos

  • Held 4 Task Force meetings - two on local reservations launching these activities:
    • SCTCA's Parent Information Resource Center met with Kinesiology faculty on physical education grant
    • Linguistics professor visited Pala Education Center and Cupa Cultural Center to discuss language grant assistance
    • Began utilizing list of enrolled Native students for purposes of reaching out
    • Task Force members pledge to serve as a "human safety net" for Native students
    • Contributed information on Native student retention to WASC self study
    • Administrators from ITS toured Tribal Digital Village facilities
    • Subcommittee formed to work on California Indian Center
    • Faculty member from library and College of Education meet with new principal of Vivian Banks
    • Tribal Liaison helps to coordinate the second California State Library & National Library of Medicine sponsored training for tribal librarians at Pala reservation - focusing on consumer health information
  • Campus representative participated in first All Tribes American Indian Charter School graduation ceremony
  • University Outreach offers to pay registration for tribal education center staff to attend the CSU Counselors conference
  • Held two meetings at reservation sites with tribal community members of Native Advisory Council on MOU specifics
  • Career Center Director offers seminar at Pala on "Future Career Trends in a Global Labor Market"
  • Pala Chairman, Robert Smith, appears in the series, "In the Executive's Chair"
  • Hosted the North County Higher Education Alliance - "American Indian Education Issues: Strategizing for Success in North County" event at Cal State San Marcos
  • Hosted the second, SCTCA- sponsored "Tukwut Scholars" program
  • President Haynes asks the Educational Equity Task Force to review history of ‘tukwut' - Tribal Liaison supplied history and gathered Luiseño community member commentary for meeting
  • American Indian Student Alliance elects first California Indian as their president
  • President Haynes serves as invited speaker at Southern California Tribal Chairman's (SCTCA) annual American Indian High School Graduation Banquet in Barona
  • Co-sponsored SCTCA's annual Native Return to the Surf youth retreat, including faculty from Chemistry and Physics donating time and expertise
  • Hosted the first California Indian Day (week) on campus - featuring many local performers, artists, storytellers - culminating in play based on Luiseño story and acted by local Indian kids
  • Tribal Liaison presented history of ‘tukwut' to the Associated Students Inc. Board of Directors, resulting in a unanimous vote to name old library courtyard, Tukwut Courtyard
  • Cal State San Marcos is one of two CSUs invited to share the Chancellor's Office booth at the National Congress of the American Indian in Sacramento
  • Developed a draft mission statement for the proposed California Indian Culture and Sovereignty Center (CCSC
  • Indian student numbers jumped from .8% to 1% since 2005
  • Book release party in Kellogg Library for Indian Rock Native Garden Project - President Haynes provided welcome and many local Indian people attended and spoke


  • University President invited to address the CSU Board of Trustees on Cal State San Marcos activities relating to tribal communities
  • Signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Santa Ysabel Band of Diegueño Indians - focusing on college preparation of their youth and only one of its kind in the California State University system
  • Coordinating the first "Tribal Lands and Governance" seminar of Leadership North County
  • Two Task Force meetings in Spring producing these activities:
    • Added Extended Studies member to Task Force
    • College of Education faculty submit grant on language acquisition/teacher prep - to support tribal education
  • University hosted a naming ceremony to rename the old library courtyard Tukwut Courtyard - well attended by local Indian leaders, elders, educators and youth
  • Sought proposals for mountain lion statue by local Indian sculptors
  • Subcommittee of Native Advisory Council established to fundraise for statue in Tukwut Courtyard
  • California Indian Center advocacy group visited eight northern reservations with information and questionnaire - seeking tribal input on the Center
  • University President was invited to represent the CSU on the best practices panel of the Higher Education Symposium of the California Indian Education conference in Sacramento
  • Cal State San Marcos is noted as one of the CSUs ahead of the game in the resulting document from the American Indian Higher Education Consortium
  • Tribal Liaison spoke on panel at USD's "American Indian Educational Issues: Listening to Community Need" - key findings were:
    • Hire a tribal liaison
    • Form a Native Advisory Council
  • President's annual Report to the Community notes the establishment of the Native Advisory Council and the MOU with Santa Ysabel
  • Staff from the National Latino Research Center meet with Pauma Education Committee members to seek advice on migrant worker community health initiative taking place on tribal lands
  • Tribal Liaison assists Rincon Culture Committee on library and archives staffing needs proposal
  • President publicly displays Pendleton blanket from Santa Ysabel in Craven Hall foyer - as tribute to the MOU signing
  • Local Native professor co-presents on tribal community initiatives at the Center for Border & Regional Affairs faculty research seminar
  • President invited and attended the opening of the Santa Ysabel Casino
  • Given permission, by the family of Dr. Uncle Henry Rodriguez, to transport his collection of notebooks on Luiseño culture, to the Kellogg Library for safekeeping during a comprehensive digitization project
  • Secured Pechanga Chairman, Mark Macarro, to appear in Fall 2007 "In The Executive's Chair" series
  • Based on pending retirement of the founding Tribal Liaison, the University strategic budgeting process places high priority on replacement of position