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How to Waitlist a Class

  1. Click the green 'Search' button, 

  2. Search for the course you are trying to add (make sure to uncheck 'Show Open Classes Only'),

  3. Click 'Select Class',

  4. Check the box: 'Wait list if class is full',

  5. Click 'Next', 

  6. Click 'Proceed to Step 2 of 3',

  7. Click 'Finish Enrolling'.

The only way to enroll in a full class is by placing yourself on the waitlist.

Students are moved from the waitlist into the course only if a seat becomes available
(in the order of your waitlist position).

Placing yourself on a waitlist does not guarantee enrollment.

Factors that may prohibit you from being placed into a waitlisted course include 
unit limits, class time conflicts, prerequisite issues, etc.

If you are on a waitlist once classes have started and would still like to try to enroll,
you'll need to “crash” the course (see "How to 'Crash' a Class").