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Major Course Approval Form (CEHHS)

This form is to be used by new students with one of the following majors: Human Development, Kinesiology or Nursing

  • Please submit a new form for each course you would like to have reviewed for your major. 
  • Do not submit a request to have a general education course reviewed.
  • Do not submit a request to have a course reviewed from a California community college.
  • Lower-division courses may not be reviewed for an upper-division requirement.
  • A request does not guarantee approval.

BEFORE you begin filling out this form, be ready to upload: 

  1. Your unofficial transcript reflecting the course(s) you took, including final grade(s),
  2. The course(s) syllabus/syllabi,
  3. Link to the department of the alternate course, and
  4. Link to the institution in which you took the course.
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