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Business Administration

Pre-Business Status

All students applying to the Business Administration program are initially classified as Pre-Business by the Office of Admissions.

Business Status for Transfer Students

Incoming transfer students will initially be classified as Business Status with the option selected in your CSUSM Admissions Application.  To maintain Business Status, you must submit a Business Status application to the CoBA Advising Office by July 1, 2019. 

Students who do not submit an application and/or do not qualify for Business Status will be moved back to Pre-Business Status and dropped from their enrolled upper-division Business courses. 

  • You may apply for Business Status again in a future semester if you repeat classes to become eligible.
  • If you wish to change your Business option, please indicate this on your Business Status Application and adjust your courses accordingly.
  • Please refer to your option checklist (2019 link upcoming when it becomes available) for courses you will be taking when you have Business Status.

 Important Notes about Business Status:

  • Students must earn a minimum grade of 'C' in each Pre-Business/Business course. Courses may not be taken credit/no credit.
  • A minimum GPA of 2.65 is required for Pre-Business Core coursework. 
    • If your GPA falls between 2.5 and 2.65, you may be subject to a Business Status waitlist.  Students who are waitlisted for Business Status are encouraged to repeat courses in which they earned a 'C' in order to raise the grade/GPA for future Business Status consideration.
    • The minimum Pre-Business GPA is subject to change each academic year, depending on available resources.
  • Students are not required to complete all Lower-division General Education Requirements prior to applying for Business Status.  
  • If official transcripts have not already been submitted to the Office of Admissions, a copy of your non-CSUSM transcripts must accompany the Business Status Application.
    • The College of Business Administration reserves the right to accept or deny any non-CSUSM, non-articulated coursework
    • Course syllabi may be required for review.
    • Please refer to the ASSIST website to verify articulated coursework.
  • Transcripts submitted to CoBA are in addition to the official transcripts required by the Office of Admissions. 

Pre-Business Core Coursework

ACCT 201* Financial Accounting
ACCT 202* Managerial Accounting (prerequisite: ACCT 201)
BUS 202* Business Law
BUS 203* Business Writing (prerequisite: GEW 101 B or the equivalent)
BUS 204* Business Statistics
ECON 201 Microeconomics
ECON 202 Macroeconomics
MATH 132 Survey of Calculus 

 *Any courses completed more than 10 years ago must be repeated.

Important Things to Know about the Pre-Business Core:

  • Lower-division Pre-Business Core courses (24 units) are prerequisites for Business Status and upper-division Business courses.
  • These courses may be taken at a Community College. 
    • Please refer to for course equivalencies.
  • Once you are at sophomore standing (30+ units), declare your Pre-Business option in myCSUSM.
  • You may select from the following Pre-Business options:
    • Pre-Business Accounting
    • Pre-Business Finance
    • Pre-Business Global Business Management Entrepreneurship
    • Pre-Business Global Business Management Information Systems
    • Pre-Business Global Business Management Marketing
    • Pre-Business Global Supply Chain Management
    • Pre-Business Human Resources Management
    • Pre-Business Management Entrepreneurship
    • Pre-Business Management Information Systems
    • Pre-Business Management & Organizations
    • Pre-Business Marketing