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Child & Adolescent Development

Transfer Student Information:

Child & Adolescent Development requires three lower-division classes that can be taken at community college (if articulated in They are:

  • PSYC 100: Introduction to Psychology or General Psychology – accepted from most institutions.
  • PSYC 220: Introductory Statistics in Psychology – must be a behavioral statistics course or articulated as such.
  • PSYC 230: Research Methods in Psychology (PSYC 100 and 220 are prerequisites). Must have a lab component and be articulated. 

In addition to the three courses listed, Child and Adolescent Majors will need PSYC 210 and 215.

PSYC 220 and PSYC 230 Articulation at Local Community Colleges:

PSYC 220 Palomar: PSYC 205 or SOC 205
  Mira Costa:  PSYC 104 or SOC 104
  Mt. San Jacinto: MATH 140
  SDCCD Mesa, Miramar, City: PSYC 258
PSYC 230 Palomar: PSYC 230
  Mira Costa: PSYC 205
  Mt. San Jacinto: PSYC 124 *must have lab component (2017 and later)

Additional Enrollment Information:

  • Upper-division courses in the major can only be taken at CSUSM or at an accredited university if approved by a department faculty advisor. 
  • Lower-division courses taken at community college are not equivalent to upper division courses numbered 300-400 level at CSUSM.  Example:  PSYC 125- Human Sexuality at Palomar College is NOT equivalent to PSYC 352 -Human Sexuality at CSUSM
  • Verify with your ARR that prerequisites have been transferred before you attempt to enroll in upper-division courses (300-400 level).
    • Most upper-division major courses require preparatory courses to be completed. Example:  PSYC 100, 220 and 230 must be in your transfer credit report before taking PSYC 332 – Social Psychology etc...
  • You may have taken what is equivalent to PSYC 100 and PSYC 230 at the community college and don’t have the equivalent PSYC 220.  You must still take PSYC 220.