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Business Administration

Offerings: Master | Minor

Course Description

The fundamental mission of the College of Business Administration is to educate the leaders of tomorrow’s business and non-profit organizations. The objective of our Master of Business Administration is to provide graduates with the skills and knowledge essential for management and leadership in 21st century organizations. We use a variety of pedagogical techniques in the classroom to facilitate learning. Our curriculum integrates traditional business disciplines and recognizes the importance of both theory and practice. The program emphasizes skills and values that are essential to effective leadership, including:

  • Ethics
  • Communication
  • Global and Environmentally Conscious Viewpoint
  • Problem Recognition and Solving
  • Teamwork
  • Use of Technology

The program makes use of information technologies in the delivery of the courses and requires that students develop a significant level of proficiency in the application of technology. Information literacy and library research skills are salient in the dynamic world of global business and are emphasized in the program. The curriculum stresses the importance of good communication skills for successful management; thus written and oral presentations are part of every course.

The Minor in Business Administration is designed to be supportive of a variety of arts, humanities, and science majors. All students interested in the minor should meet with an advisor in the College of Business Administration. To graduate with a Minor in Business Administration, students will be required to complete the requirements in effect at the time of declaration. The CoBA requires that at least 50% of the upperdivision minor coursework be earned at Cal State San Marcos.

College of Business Administration (CoBA)