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You can transform the lives of foster youth one degree at a time.

Within the region around California State University San Marcos, some 4,000 children are in the foster care system. About 75% of them dream of going to college — but only 3% will attend, and 50% will not graduate because they do not have the support needed to be successful.

Together, we can build bright futures.

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Through the ACE Scholars Services program, CSUSM is empowering former foster youth with an opportunity to move beyond the past and create a brighter future. Since our inception in 2007, we've built a top-tier, comprehensive program with an unparalleled track record of success — an 86% persistency rate — but it's only been possible because of donors like you.

In fact, 79% of our operating revenue comes from, and is reliant upon, the generosity of individual donors. That's why your ongoing support is so important. Without it, the odds will remain long for former foster youth, and our mission will go unfulfilled.

But with your support, we can continue to help our students realize their dreams, graduate from college, and go on to become productive contributors to our local communities.

ACE supporters receive honorary degrees

Jimmy Wayne, Doctor of Fine Arts

Jan & Esther Stearns, Doctors of Humane Letters

Your donation will help where it's needed most: Scholarships & stability.

Obtaining a college degree is costly for the average student — but for former foster youth, the cost is even greater because of low incomes and a lack of financial support from family.

At ACE, one of our objectives is to have our students graduate with the lowest amount of debt possible. The only way to do this is through scholarships, and when you donate to ACE, you can do so with the confidence that your contribution will support this critical need — and bring much-needed stability to hard-working former foster youth.

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