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Financial Accountability

Pie Chart of Revenue SourcesACE Scholars Services transforms the lives of foster youth through the opportunity to obtain a higher education. With assistance from our charitable donors, we have been able to support over 100 students during their college careers. Our program exists due to financial funding from the State, the University, grants, and most importantly, from donors. Private individuals have generously donated annually to support our former foster youth through college.

Our donors enable our program to thrive throughout the academic year by supporting our wrap-around services including weekly counseling, housing assistance, assistance with book fees and tuition, enrichment activities, emergency financial assistanct, and our Working Scholarships. Our professional staff is the key to our program as they provide guidance and a support system for these youth. Through personal, academic, and career counseling our staff provides a lending hand to students when they need it most.

Pie Chart of Operating ExpensesThe Working Scholarships program provides our students with on-campus jobs where they receive sufficient training in their pursued field of study, a mentor, and satisfaction of earning their own money. Our Working Scholarships allow our students to obtain knowledge and experience in the working environment while their supervisor provides mentoring and guidance to help them achieve success plus the student is able to stay on campus. ACE Scholars Services pays the students' salaries while allowing them to experience independence. Our Gap Scholarships are support scholarships given to students to pay for books, academic fees, and housing. Our Emergency Fund is also essential to our program to help support students when an emergency arises, whether it be money for food, computer repairs, gas, or other emergency situations.

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