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ACE Scholars Services Transfer Scholarship

ACE Scholars Services has progressive two-year scholarships for incoming transfer students! Due to limited funding this is a competitive scholarship and your application will be reviewed by our team.

The ACE Transfer Scholarship is a two-year, 4 semester scholarship just for transfer students totaling $4000. The scholarship will increase each semester if requirements are met (awarded in August and January).

  • Fall Semester Year 1: $600 scholarship the first semester at CSUSM
  • Spring Semester Year 1: $800 scholarship the second semester at CSUSM
  • Fall Semester Year 2: $1,100 scholarship the third semester at CSUSM
  • Spring Semester Year 2: $1,500 scholarship the fourth semester at CSUSM

Scholarship Eligibility

Scholarship Requirements (Evaluated Each Semester)

  • Attend ACE Transfer Seminar with no more than 1 excused absence
  • 2 meetings with ACE Counselor per semester
  • Completion of 12+ units each semester
  • Maintain a 2.3 or better GPA in CSUSM classes
  • Financial need (i.e., have not met cost of attendance with other grants and scholarships)