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 Luiseño Landscapes publication celebration



September 21 - California Indian Days - Ishi: A Story of Dignity, Hope and Courage. (100 year Anniversary)

In celebration of California Indian Days, Nicole Myers-Lim, J.D. (Pomo) Executive Director of the California Indian Museum & Cultural Center &Staff Attorney, National Indian Justice Center, presents Ishi: A Story of Dignity, Hope and Courage. Ishi, considered the last Native American to make contact with European Americans, was discovered in Oroville, California 100 years ago. Ishi is still known to millions of school children and the general public throughout California and the world as the “last Yahi” through numerous, mainly non-Native depictions in books and documentaries. This film seeks to enrich and expand the story of Ishi and build upon the public’s awareness and appreciation of California Indian history. The accompanying lecture will examine Native American perspectives of Ishi’s legacy including historical myths and contemporary issues of repatriation.

CSUSM   ARTS 240 6-8pm


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