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Cougar Study Buddies

Find your people, learn together

This second-semester pilot partners with GEW 101A and HIST 130 to develop a community of writers and thinkers.

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Do you commute, or find it difficult to reach out and exchange contact information with people in your class? Let us help you out!


Cougar Study Buddies (CSB) is an online space to connect students with other students taking the same class. Looking for a study group? Connect with your peers online or in-person using Microsoft Teams. Once you sign-up, a CSB Moderator will keep you linked in to the group conversation.

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Why sign up for CSB?

  • CSB will link you with students in the same class you're taking.
  • With a CSB Student Moderator supporting your Team, you will have someone to check in and see how you all are doing throughout the semester.
  • When it comes to learning, there is always strength in numbers.
  • CSB is a great opportunity to stay focused, collaborate with your friends, and help one another out!


How it Works

  1. Sign up online
  2. Get access to an online space where you can talk to each other about course material
  3. Create online and in-person study groups
  4. Have a Cougar Study Buddy Moderator available to facilitate questions


Do I need to meet on campus?

Nope! CSB connects you through Microsoft Teams, so you can work together both in-person and from afar. Take the group whereever and reach out whenever.

What is required for me to participate in CSB?

  1. Ask questions and meet with your peers on your Team.
  2. Respond to the CSB Moderator when they check in to see how your Team doing.
  3. Download the Teams app onto your computer/device. We'll walk you through how to use it as a group.

What is a CSB Moderator?

Your CSB Student Moderator is a peer who will help you get your Team started. They will check in with you all often throughout the semester, and help arrange in-person and online study groups within your Team. Please let your moderator know if you or anyone in your group needs support.

How do I sign up?

Sign-ups run through Week 3 of the semester. Email to get access to your Team.

When will I get added into my Team?

Watch your inbox for a CSB Teams invite (within 24-hours Monday - Friday).


Syllabus/Cougar Course language for faculty:

Do you find it helpful to work in groups, but can't seem find the people or time to make it happen? Cougar Study Buddies is an online space set up for you to connect with peers, work on assignments, and get support you need outside of this classroom. Talk to your study group any time of day through Microsoft Teams. Your Cougar Study Buddy Moderator will help you all get started, and check in throughout the semester to see how you're doing. Take advantage of this unique opportunity by signing up online by the end of Week 3. 


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