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Annual Assessment

Departments offering majors in all programs report annually on assessment activities. At the conclusion of each academic year, departments are asked to report the results of the assessments, and describe how these assessment findings lead to changes made to improve student learning. Programs conduct annual assessment activities, or “action research,” that may integrate a variety of ways to measure student learning. The following assessment activities are most common on the CSUSM campus:

  • Measuring one or several Program Student Learning Outcomes (PSLOs) as a way to determine student progress toward identifying what or how students learn
    • Assessing whether or not students are able to...
  • Investigate an area in the program where processes or curriculum need to be evaluated
    • Explore locations in the road map where high DFW rates occur and find out why
    • Use a PSLO to determine where students struggle that may be affecting the DFW situation
  • Research potential equity gaps in the program
    • Use data dashboard to break down results of a PSLO assessment activity to determine where equity gaps might exist

For Graduate Programs

In addition to the above, Graduate Programs may find that different types of assessments are needed, and the following assessment activities may be considered: 

  • Licensure, credentialing, or certificate pass rates (some undergraduate programs may also have this component)
    • Programs that culminate in a professional exam may find that tracking student performance on the exam can inform the program about particular areas in the curriculum that need more focus
  • Placement numbers
    • Identifying how well students succeed can often inform the program how it might better assist students in professional endeavors

Informing our programs is the key to the assessment culture on the CSUSM campus. If you have questions, or would like to explore assessment options, please contact Melissa Simnitt for assistance.

Materials for Annual Assessment Activities