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Learning Outcomes

Learning happens at many levels on the Cal State San Marcos campus. Aligning all campus learning outcomes under the University's Mission and Vision, along with the President's Strategic Plan, provides a compass that helps keep all components of the campus moving in the same direction. 

Not to be left out of the assessment organizational structure are course learning outcomes. Course outcomes are developed by the instructor(s) and reflect what students will learn directly in the individual courses. Course learning outcomes should align to Program Student Learning Outcomes (PSLOs). The courses deliver the content of the outcome and the program combines the courses into one PSLO to assess the learning outcome. PSLOs should align to the campus’ ULOs/GLOs, and the campus combines the program information to report to accrediting bodies and for its own system of analysis. All-in-all, the process is designed to work together to demonstrate how students are learning what we say they are. 

The links below can be used in the development of all levels of learning outcomes (which are needed for the syllabus section of the C-form).