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General Education Learning Outcomes


Students who have completed their General Education requirements will be able to…

  1. Describe and/or apply principles and methods that are necessary to understand the physical and natural world.
  2. Compare and contrast relationships within and between human cultures.
  3. Communicate effectively in writing, using conventions appropriate to various contexts and diverse audiences.
  4. Use oral communication to effectively convey meaning to various audiences.
  5. Find, evaluate, and use authoritative and/or scholarly information to comprehend a line of inquiry.
  6. Think critically and analytically about an issue, idea or problem, considering alternative perspectives and re-evaluation of one's own position.
  7. Apply numerical/mathematical concepts in order to illustrate fundamental concepts within fields of study.
  8. Describe the importance of diverse experiences, thoughts, and identities needed to be effective in working and living in diverse communities and environments.
  9. Apply knowledge gained from courses in different disciplines to new settings and complex problems.

GEPSLO and GE Area Curriculum Map