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Graduate Learning Outcomes

California State University San Marcos offers innovative graduate programs that integrate the latest technologies and most recent research in each field of study to prepare graduate students for advanced positions in a variety of disciplines. Graduate students are also provided support and resources to pursue further educational goals, such as doctoral study.

Graduate students make up a distinctive and highly valued segment of the university community. Graduate programs support the goal of California State University San Marcos in educating a diverse student population for leadership roles in the twenty-first century. 

In 2016, the Graduate Council developed and approved general Graduate Learning Outcomes (GLOs). Overall, graduates of the programs will have the knowledge and skills to make contributions to their discipline and to meet the needs of society. Specifically, upon completing their program, graduate students will be innovative practitioners with the ability to:

  1. Apply advanced knowledge, skills, and values appropriate to the discipline.
  2. Articulate and address critical issues in their field of study.
  3. Create, analyze, and think critically at an advanced level.
  4. Master new and various methods and technologies as appropriate to the discipline.
  5. Communicate, at an advanced level, in oral and/or written form.
  6. Recognize, at an advanced level, the importance of standards of academic and professional integrity.