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Undergraduate Learning Outcomes

Students graduating with a Bachelor’s degree from CSU San Marcos will be creative, empathetic, and engaged life-long learners who are:

1)     Knowledgeable in their field of study. Students will be able to:
        a.     Articulate, integrate, and apply theories and methods of a field of study to create professional,
                scholarly, and/or artistic work.

2)     Comprehensive and critical thinkers. Students will be able to:
        a.     Identify key concepts and develop a foundation for future inquiry.

        b.     Analyze complex problems and develop solutions by applying quantitative and qualitative reasoning,
                integrating knowledge and skills from a variety of disciplines.

        c.     Construct well-reasoned arguments based on evidence.

3)     Globally and culturally intelligent.  Students will be able to:
        a.     Apply multiple perspectives to address local, regional, global, and cultural issues.

4)     Skilled communicators. Students will be able to:
        a.     Communicate clearly and effectively in both written and oral forms.

        b.     Tailor communication to audience and context.