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Mission, Vision, Values

Mission: Business and Financial Services provides quality customer services that meet the business financial needs of our campus community and enhance and support the University's educational mission.  We maintain the fiscal integrity of the University by complying with all governing requirements.

Vision:  Through our innovative methods, we provide accurate and timely information.  Our professional team adheres to the highest standards, and our processes provide support to our customers efficiently and effectively.


  • We take great pride in our interactions with our customers.
  • We encourage a foundation of teamwork by effectively expressing ideas and valuing the contributions of others.
  • We find innovative ways to create efficiencies and improve processes.
  • We are what we believe ourselves to be by maintaining a high level of integrity.
  • We are accountable for our actions.
  • We strive to initiate and maintain prudent business practices and compliance to every regulation.
  • We treat everyone with the highest level of respect and recognize the value of each individual.
  • We act professionally by treating people with dignity and consideration.
  • We appreciate each other and the work we do by recognizing and celebrating our accomplishments.

Strategic Objectives:

  • Develop workforce strategies
  • Create and refine innovative business practices
  • Deliver legendary service
  • Identify new and strengthen existing partnerships to support the campus community
  • Foster a culture of sustainability

FAS Strategic Planning

Theme:  Excellence in Service and Resource Management