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Bridges Scholars

Current Scholars from  Palomar and MiraCosta Colleges



Adnan Al Joubi (MiraCosta)


picture of marvin

Marvin Cruz Gomez (Palomar)




Pedro Espinoza Figueroa (MiraCosta)


Eva Jara (MiraCosta)

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Milana Kansky (Palomar)


Nancy Mendez (MiraCosta)

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Marissa Mendoza (Palomar)

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Meghan Navarro (Palomar)

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Arianna Serrano (Palomar)


Anh Tong (MiraCosta)


Bridges Alumni



Kayla Brostrom (Palomar)

I am currently a student Palomar College, majoring in biology. I plan to transfer in the Fall of 2022. My goal is to continue research in microbiology, specifically alternatives for antibiotics, to combat the growing resistance microbes are continually acquiring. I plan to pursue a medical degree as well to coincide with my medical microbiology education. Outside of school I enjoy swimming laps, experimenting with new recipes, or reading science fiction novels.


Anastasia Navarro (Palomar)

My name is Anastasia Navarro and I am a Psychology major at Palomar College. Next fall I am planning to transfer to CSUSM to continue my education and earn my Bachelor’s Degree. After I finish school, I am hoping to pursue a career in the healthcare system and become a psychologist.


Christina Velasquez (Palomar)

I am a Public Health major at Palomar. I plan on transferring to a 4-year university by Fall 2022. I am very excited and passionate about starting my research journey through this program. This will help me gain clinical lab experience that I can use towards a potential future in research. As of right now my career goal is to become a doctor (MD or DO) but I am very interested in research as well so I am excited to see where this opportunity takes me. Personally I feel healthcare and research go hand in hand so being involved in both are extremely important to me. Outside of school and my studies I enjoy hiking, going to the beach, traveling, and eating yummy food!


Albert Aldaco (Palomar)

My name is Albert Aldaco and I am currently a student at Palomar College. In the fall of 2021, I will be transferring to CSUSM where I plan on earning my Bachelor’s in Molecular and Cell Biology. My goal after my undergraduate studies is to attend graduate school and obtain a PhD in either Virology or Immunology. Ultimately, I aspire to do research in the field of HIV/AIDS in the realm of academia.



Alexis Castaneda (Palomar)

I am a Biology major and will be transferring to CSUSM in the fall of 2021. Areas of interest that I wish to explore more at the campus include bioinformatics and microbiology.


Lakme Caceres (Palomar)

Lakme is a biology major at Palomar who is passionate about pathology and immunology. She aims to transfer to a four-year university after earning her associate degree where she will continue to conduct research in cellular or molecular biology. She hopes to pursue a medical degree with the goal of becoming an anatomic or forensic pathologist. In her free time, Lakme enjoys biking, weightlifting, and playing soccer. She is also a big fan of videogames and horror films.


Jared Helms (Palomar)

My name is Jared Helms and I’m a Biology major at Palomar College. My immediate academic goals include transferring to CSUSM in the Fall of 2022 to pursue a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology. After this, I would like to pursue a career in medicine and research, and plan to apply to MD/PhD programs after receiving my BS degree.


Jose Tapia (Palomar)

The Bridges Scholar program has given me a unique experience that has advanced my academic career. Through research labs, STEM conventions, and active mentors, I was able to make smarter decisions that immediately effected my transfer to a University. Outside of the program, it provided me with a financial stability that allowed me to take time to destress and enjoy my time outside of school. I used this time to participate as a coach for a local youth sports program, as well as an active tutor for my fellow peers that have had to transition to distance learning. Outside of all of this, I try to find time to play video games or watch anime. A healthy balance is incredibly important and I was able to find that balance through the Bridges Scholar program!


Dulce Torres (Palomar)

I am a chemistry major at Palomar. My passion for pursuing chemistry comes from the impact it has on modern medicine. Due to how patient care stems from the exploration of scientists, I want to pursue a research career in organic chemistry so I can further contribute to our knowledge of therapeutics and help synthesize remedies for disease and viral infection. Pursuing a PhD will allow me to not only conduct research and contribute to relieving patient suffering, but also give me to opportunity to teach students in a field I am passionate about. 

Marybel Vargas (Palomar)

My name is Marybel Vargas. I am currently a student at Palomar College. In Fall 2022, I hope to transfer to UCSD. I am a Marine Biology major.  I am passionate about this field because there is still a lot to learn about our ocean and marine life. Currently, my goals are to get a Bachelor of Science degree and seek out the opportunities there are for me in this major. 

Hector Aguilar-Fraga (Palomar)

Natalie Perez (Palomar)

Elizabeth Murguia (Palomar)

Luis Guiterrez (Palomar)

Andrea Moron-Solano (MiraCosta)

Josiah Gray (MiraCosta)

Gabriela Osio (MiraCosta)

Stephen Veltman (MiraCosta)

Almarosa Luna (MiraCosta)

Matthew Tate (MiraCosta)