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Community Expansion Initiative

Students in the Black Student Center

The Community Expansion Initiative of the Black Student Center provides opportunities for connection, mentorship, and leadership development through the establishment of auxiliary groups in the Center. These groups are student-run and aim to address segments of the Black student community. Students work with BSC professional staff to establish and articulate the need for such a group in order to get support around establishment, recruitment, and sustainability of these effort. Through leadership and organizational development, successful initiatives will be ushered towards establishing recognized student organizations at CSUSM.

Current Center initatives

  • Alliance of Black Athletes
    The mission of Alliance of Black Athletes is to create a safe space for Black student-athletes at CSUSM. We organize to support the full identities and voices of Black student-athletes, to positively impact our community, and to promote inclusivity in athletics. 
  • Black Psychology Student Association
    We are a community of Black Students who all major, minor, or are interested in the field of psychology. This group of students will support and guide one another through their studies and experiences as a Black Psychology student. Our work is based on the guiding principles of Community, Education, and Career Development.
  • Brotherhood Alliance
    The Brotherhood Alliance aims to assist and support Black men at CSUSM in successfully completing their degree through the key principles of academic excellence, mentorship, professionalism, community service, and brotherhood. Every meeting and activity surrounds the principles and always upholds the mission of the organization. 
  • Circle of Sisters
    The Circle of Sisters empowers Black women at CSUSM. We provide space to discuss issues that impact us as Black women, our campus and larger community, while also breaking down barriers that may stand in the way of professional and personal success.
  • Melanated Art Collective
    We are a community of Black students who have an interest and desire for creating and presenting art in various expressions through our guiding principles of Community, Authenticity and the Preservation of Black Culture.
  • National Society of Black Engineers, CSUSM Chapter (NSBE; a partnership with CSTEM)
    NSBE's mission is to increase the number of culturally responsible Black engineers who excel academically, succeed professionally and positively impact the community.