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Campus Connect Testimonials

"Campus Connect helped me develop a richer and deeper understanding of the complex operations that make up CSUSM. However, most importantly, Campus Connect gave me a true sense of belonging and a network of colleagues that I continue to call upon today."

Class of 2013

"Campus Connect linked me to colleagues in ways that I hadn’t yet even thought of and that have positively impacted me across my career. It built friendships and collaborations – it built trust and collegiality for me. And, it did it in such a unique and interesting way.  It was done in a casual and fun way that connected people beyond the specifics of their jobs. Campus Connect truly connected me to people and places on campus in a way that no other experience since I have been here has done – it stands as one of the best things I've done while at CSUSM!"

Class of 2009

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"Campus Connect was an amazing opportunity for me as a staff member to feel connected to my community.  I learned so much fabulous 'behind the scenes' knowledge that impacted my day to day operations working in Orientation at CSUSM.  Many of the connections I made with presenters and my cohort have been so beneficial -- I have so many 'go to' people on campus after completing Campus Connect."

Class of  2017

"I feel Campus Connect demonstrates the ways we embrace the campus mission to provide intellectual engagement, innovation, integrity and inclusiveness.  We shared our experiences, our smiles, our stories and our laughter during Campus Connect."

Class of 2018

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