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About The College

CHABSS is home to disciplines in the arts, humanities, social and behavioral sciences and many interdisciplinary programs. In addition to offering majors and minors in these areas, the College contributes richly to university’s general education program, which serves all undergraduate students with coursework designed to develop broad basic knowledge and valuable skills.

We currently offer 22 Bachelor of Arts (BA), 5 Master of Arts (MA) and 33 minors.

Across all our departments and programs, students learn the skills and knowledge they need to be critically engaged in civic life, professionally successful and personally fulfilled. In our courses, students examine topics that address the origins and structure of behavior and action, society and culture, and the history and future of human expression, reflection and creativity. Across courses and degrees, CHABSS faculty teach students to communicate effectively, analyze complex issues, creatively problem-solve and work collaboratively to achieve common goals.

In addition, we offer students opportunities to:

  • Master information literacy and new technologies that help them meet the challenges of the rapidly changing future
  • Develop language skills and cultural awareness that helps them in our globally interdependent 21st century society
  • Build lifelong careers of leadership, learning, creativity, professional achievement and community service

Message from the Dean

Welcome to CHABSS! 

We are delighted that you have decided to explore a future with us. In CHABSS, we are proud of the diversity that is inherent to a Liberal Arts education – diversity of our faculty, staff and students, our approach to teaching, our ways of thinking and of courses offered.  College faculty and staff foster a supportive, inclusive, and rigorous learning environment, upholding the highest standards and expectations of academic endeavor. Diversity and inclusion is a main goal of our College, and we hope that you experience all CHABSS has to offer. 

The College provides education that is rooted in the liberal arts tradition, attuned to the diversity of human experience, responsive to new ideas and challenges, and dedicated to preparing students for lifelong careers of leadership, learning, creativity, professional achievement, and community service. Grounded in the scholarly and creative activity of our faculty, the College integrates diverse academic disciplines, research fields, creative arts, and interdisciplinary programs, offering students multiple pathways to explore ideas, ideals, visions and values. We prepare students to become professionals whose broad knowledge base enhances their ability to explore and strive for their intellectual potential, to think creatively to solve complex problems, to understand the world around them and their impact on it.

Our faculty and staff are dedicated to assisting you in achieving your goals and dreams. As you study in CHABSS, I hope you open your mind to new ideas, new people, and new ways of thinking and being. We encourage you to actively embrace the opportunities and knowledge you will encounter inside and outside the classroom. We are glad you have selected CSUSM as your university, and we look forward to supporting you on your educational journey and in celebrating your achievements.

~ Elizabeth Matthews

Contact Information

Social and Behavioral Sciences Building 4115

Mailing Address:
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