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CHABSS Voices: Community Service

Congratulations to our March winners!

March Winners

By Wendy Castillo

CHABSS Dean's Pick

By Wendy Castillo, AMD Arts & Tech major


CHABSS Staff Pick

By Mallory Arcena, AMD major. About this piece, Mallory says, "A good representation of community service is helping others. In my poster, a flower gives its petal to another flower who has less petals, thus building unity and community."

Jason Andrade VPA Arts & Tech majorBy Jason Andrade, VPA Arts & Tech major

By Baily AquilaBy Bailey Aquila, VPA Arts & Tech major

By Amanda Rij, AMD majorBy Amanda Rij, AMD major


CHABSS VoicesBy Angel Baez, AMD Arts & Tech major

By Ramelyn BallonBy Ramelyn Ballon, AMD major

By Beverly AdaLeeBy AdaLee Beverly, Biology major, graphic design student

CHABSS VoicesBy Alexa Bloedorn, AMD Arts & Tech major. About this piece, Alexa says, "Do your part to help keep our beaches clean. California State Parks hold volunteer beach cleanups that you could be a part of!"

CHABSS VoicesBy William Brewster, AMD major, minor in Arts & Technology. About this piece, William says, "My inspiration for this poster is Helen Woodward Animal Center which is the endorsement. The idea behind this poster is to support this animal shelter because they need help. I have a dog at home which he changed my life."

This piece is in collaboration with AMD professor James Miller.

By Lina Awadalla Iskander, AMD majorBy Lina Awadalla Iskander, AMD major


Help save a life pet  volunteeringBy Tyler Farris, AMD Digital Media major

By Asia Fitzgerald, AMD majorBy Asia Fitzgerald, AMD major

By Silvestre Galicia, VPA majorBy Silvestre Galicia, VPA major


By Krista HabalBy Krista Habal, AMD Arts & Tech major
CHABSS VoicesBy Paige Irick, Media Studies major, minor in Communication
By Patricia Isinkaiye, AMD majorBy Patricia Isinkaiye, AMD major


By Brian Leonardo, AMD Arts & Tech major, minor in Video Production

CHABSS VoicesBy Sarah Lizarde, AMD Arts & Tech major
By Tanya Loredo, AMD Arts & Tech major

By Tanya Loredo, AMD Arts & Tech major



By Heatherlee Morton, AMD major, minor in Cinematography. About this piece, Heatherlee says, "The Cougar Pantry was my inspiration for this poster. They work hard every week to ensure that no student goes hungry."

CHABSS VoicesBy Nolan Nguyen, AMD major
By Hannah Rae Olguin, AMD majorBy Hannah Rae Olguin, AMD major

CHABSS VoicesBy Zayla Paschall, Kinesiology major

By Eric Pullen, student in AMD 102, Communication majorBy Eric Pullen, student in AMD 102, Communication major

CHABSS VoicesBy Melanie Ramirez, AMD Arts & Tech major

CHABSS VoicesBy Preston Roberts, Computer Science major. About this piece, Preston says, "People need to attend their juror summons if we want a properly representative justice system."
CHABSS VoicesBy Shelby Rossman, AMD major. About this piece, Shelby says, "Following the theme of community service, this poster highlights the house repair service North Coast Calvary Chapel holds for those in the Carlsbad community. This program provides a much needed service for our local community and demonstrates the reach of the church outside of it's chapel walls."

By Anthony Saucedo, AMD majorBy Anthony Saucedo, AMD major


CHABSS VoicesBy Nicole Stauffer, AMD major. About this piece, Nicole says, "I was inspired by Andy Warhol's Campbell's Soup Cans as well as all of the canned food drives I would participate in during elementary school."

CHABSS VoicesBy Alana Stoddard, AMD major, minor in Visual Arts

CHABSS VoicesBy Connor Sullivan, AMD major

By Jakob TousseauBy Jakob Tousseau, AMD major


By Andres Trejo, AMD major

CHABSS VoicesBy Melissa Urrutia, VPA major, minor in Arts & Technology


CHABSS VoicesBy Leslie Vasquez, AMD major. About this piece, Leslie says, "To bring awareness that helping out at animal shelters helps make a difference for animals lives regarding care, food or a new home."

CHABSS VoicesBy Lauren White, AMD Arts & Tech major
By Taeya Yenche, AMD majorBy Taeya Yenche, AMD major