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CHABSS Spending Request Form

Before completing the form, please read these brief acknowledgements and instructions:


  • Any items purchased with professional development funds are the property of CSUSM and must be returned to CSUSM for proper decommissioning, disposal or reuse per applicable policies.
  • Professional development funds must cover the entire cost of an ITEM: co-mingling of funds (i.e. 50% PD, 50% personal) is not allowed, with the exception of travel. For TRAVEL, any expense above or beyond available funding will be out of pocket.
  • Using university purchasing processes is strongly encouraged (e.g. ProCard; Purchase Order) for all purchases rather than reimbursement.


Pursuit of knowledge or skill through study, research and creative activities, professional travel, conferences, workshops or courses that directly support and develop discipline or career. Supplies, equipment*, books and other costs related to professional development, as well as hiring students to assist with execution of research, scholarly and creative activities is permissible. All purchases must follow CSUSM policies.

*supplies and equipment must relate to advancement/development of faculty teaching, and/or research study/scholarship. (e.g. Printing directly related to research study/scholarship). General office supplies are not able to be purchased using professional development per this definition.

  • Professional Development funds must be spent in the year received, they are not eligible to carry forward into the next fiscal year unless specifically authorized.  The Provost will review and authorize exceptions on a case by case basis for funds received too late in the year to be used.

Reminder, this does not apply to mandatory 48500 carry forwards such as:

  • CPO grants
  • Start Up funds that are contractual
  • Course Fees (Non-Discretionary student fees) – these should be rare and small amounts
  • Others as needed as approved by the provost

 For additonal info see the professional development website:

Guidelines for Completing the New CHABSS Spending Request Form:

  • All individual faculty (TT and Lecturer) requests to spend campus stateside/extended learning funds (does not include C-Corp or Foundation funds) must complete the new qualtrics form (link on the right). The new form will replace requesting expenditures via email.

  • CHABSS departments (depts., labs, course-fee accts. etc.) will complete the CHABSS Spending Request Form when needing Dean’s approval for the following categories:
    • Technology Items
    • Student Assistants
    • Unit 11 Student Employees (GA’s and ISA’s)
  • Here is a partial list of stateside funding sources:
    • CHABSS Dean’s Professional Development award
    • President’s Professional Development award
    • CHABSS TT and Lecturer faculty grants
    • RSCA Awards
    • CPO’s
    • TT Start-up funds
    • Academic Senate professional development funds
    • Faculty Center professional development funds
    • Academic Programs/Assessment professional development funds
    • Other misc. funds
    • The form is also required for spending requests of Extended Learning funds

Please verify with your administrative coordinator what funding category your spending request falls under.

  • When completed and submitted – the form will generate a confirmation email that will automatically be sent to the Submitter and the Dept. Budget Manager. The Submitter and Budget Manager will receive an email within 5 business days from the Dean’s Office with further instruction(s) (approval, request for additional info, etc.)

  • For technology requests – please note that after submitting your ITR request (with the Dean’s approval email) please allow for additional process/approval time from IITS.

  • If you wish to request travel, consult the  travel website before completing this request form. Travel is restricted to several states in the US. New information about both domestic and international travel can be found on the travel website.