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CoBA Pre-Business Core

All students applying to the business administration program are initially classified as Pre-Business Status by the Office of Admissions.

Students who have successfully completed the Pre-Business Core need to submit a Business Status Application to the CoBA Advising Office. Once submitted, their status will then be changed from Pre-Business to Business Status by a CoBA advisor. Business Status is necessary in order to register for upper-division business courses.


Do not submit your Business Status Application until you have been officially admitted to CSUSM.

Every effort will be made to process Business Status Applications within 1-week of receipt for continuing students. Students will be notified via email of their status.

For new transfer students, applications will be processed in time to register for upper-division business classes at Orientation. An email notification will not be sent unless there is a problem with the application.

Important Notes:

  • The minimum grade in every Pre-Business and Business course must be a C or better—courses may not be taken credit/no credit.
  • The Pre-Business Core must be completed with a minimum GPA of 2.5.
  • The UC Berkeley GPA calculator may be helpful in computing your Pre-Business Core GPA.
  • Official transcripts/grades for non-CSUSM coursework must accompany the Business Status Application—the College of Business reserves the right to accept or deny any non-CSUSM, non-articulated coursework (course syllabi may be required for review—please refer to the ASSIST website to verify articulated coursework).
  • Transcripts submitted to CoBA are in addition to official transcripts that students must send to the Office of Admissions.