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Cap & Gown

What is Required

All ceremony participants are required to wear full academic regalia consisting of a traditional black gown, mortarboard (cap) with tassel, and medallion.  Additional items including sashes, cords, or leis are optional.

Where to Purchase

Your first opportunity to purchase regalia is at GradFest.

If you are unable to attend GradFest, you can purchase your regalia at the University Store the weeks following GradFest.  Visit the store in person or call (760) 750-4730 for order and delivery.

What to Wear Under Your Gown

The ceremony will be outdoors with graduate and faculty seating exposed to the sun and wind.  Please wear appropriate clothing under your gown.  The ceremony stage is high and graduates will access it via open steps.  Please exercise caution when selecting footwear - high heels are not recommended.

There will be no place to leave items once the processional starts.  You should make arrangements for someone to be responsible for your valuables during the ceremony.  Bring  your cap, tassel and gown to line-up.  Be sure to bring any pins or clips you may need to anchor your cap - in case there is a strong breeze at the ceremony site.