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Campus Way Café -

The ALL-YOU-CARE-TO-EAT dining experience offers meals from 9 different stations:  SIZZLE - grill & griddle, MIX - a salad experience, SPROUTS - vegan & vegetarian, STACKED - deli case, SLICES - pizza & such, SAVORY - custom kitchen, TWISTS - pasta kitchen, SPOONFULL - homemade soups, and BLISS - the sweet spot!

Campus Way Café - daily menus

The Campus Way Café is conveniently located on the 1st floor of The QUAD.  Students, Staff & Faculty can use Meal Swipes, Dining Dollars, Cougar Cash, or Declining Balance Card, Cash, Debit or Credit to purchase meals at Campus Way Café!  

USU Location - Meal Swipe

Starting on September 19th, GetFresh and Hilltop Bistro Grille will offer one lunch item as a Meal Swipe. Information on what students can get for a swipe at the locations is posted below.

Students, Staff & Faculty can also use Dining Dollars, Cougar Cash, or Declining Balance Card, Cash, Debit or Credit to purchase other items on the menus. 

USU Locations

(Gf) = Gluten Free
(Vt) = Vegetarian
(V) = Vegan

For questions about our Vegetarian, Vegan, and Gluten Free options, please e-mail our management team at
Follow us on social media for more updates regarding our menus, new products, giveaways, and events. @csusmdining


  • Get Fresh

    salads, bowls, wraps, smoothies

    The first asparagus of the season in spring. Vine-ripened tomatoes in summer. Roasted fall vegetables. Frost-sweetened broccoli in winter. Every season has its special delicacies, and now they’re front and center with Get Fresh, our fresh, new, seasonally updated dining choice. What’s even more exciting is these delicious, healthy fruits and vegetables are sourced locally. So, the good-for-you meals are also good for others, namely, your neighborhood farmers, the community, and the environment.

    The Get Fresh offers a build-your-own selection of fresh and internationally inspired salad choices with sustainable proteins. Plus, wraps, smoothies, bowls, and specials. 

  • Hilltop Bistro Grille

    burgers, chicken, sandwiches, french fries.

    Hilltop Bistro Grille offers you a variety of choices from healthy to indulgent, familiar to intriguing. Choose from burgers, chicken, sandwich classics, and vegan/vegetarian options. You'll also find a great selection of daily specials and more.


    Mexican Eats:  burritos, bowls, street tacos, quesadilla.  chicken, steak, pork, queso, guacamole, veggies.

    We create freshly-made, Mexican-inspired food crafted with contemporary flavors that guests crave. We believe that the most delicious flavors start with quality ingredients and thoughtful preparation, taking pride in preparing meals in our kitchens each day. Whether it’s chopping crisp produce, flame-grilling steak, and chicken, or making hand-crafted guacamole, we don’t take shortcuts.

  • Panda Express


    Chow Mein (Vt), Fried Rice (Gf), White Rice (Gf), Super Greens (V)(Gf), Brown Rice (Gf)


    Orange Chicken, Broccoli Beef, Kung Pao Chicken, Beijing Beef, Mushroom Chicken


    Chicken Egg Roll, Veggie Spring Roll (V), Cream Cheese Rangoon (Vt)

  • USU Market


    Made fresh in store!


    Strawberry Field Forever (Gf)(V), Garden Salad (Gf)(V), Cobb Salad (Gf)(Vt), Chef Salad (Gf), Greek Salad (Gf)(V)


    Egg Salad Sandwich (Vt), Peanut Butter & Jelly Sandwich (V)


    Fresh Fruit Cup (Gf)(V), Mandarin Orange Parfait (Gf)(V), Jell-o Grapes & Cheese Cup (Gf)(Vt)


    Vanilla Pudding Cup (Gf), Chocolate Pudding Cup (Gf)


Founders Plaza

  • Campus Coffee

    Full espresso bar featuring lattes, cappuccinos & mochas. Over 20 flavors to choose from. Ice Blended Mochas

    Small batch fresh brewed hot coffee. Rotating flavors and varieties daily.


    Home of the chai tea latte Organic matcha tea latte Organic Yerba mate
    Dirty chai (customer favorite) London fog  Assorted hot teas
    Small batch freshly brewed iced green or black tea    


    Hot Chocolate

    Regular hot chocolate  Mexican hot chocolate 
    Belgian white hot chocolate  Mint hot chocolate 


    Fruit Smoothies

    Strawberry  Mango Raspberry 
    Peach Banana Chocolate & raspberry 
    Chocolate, peanut butter & banana  Banana split Protein boost
    Immune boost Energy boost  


    Blended Lemonades

    Strawberry  Mango
    Raspberry  Peach


    Hand Crafted Italian Cream Sodas
    Assorted flavors 

    Sweet Teas (small batch) freshly brewed

    Strawberry  Peach Raspberry 
    Mango Passion fruit Blood orange 


    Daily Fresh Food

    Assorted pastries & bagels Salads Sandwiches 
    Deviled eggs Macaroni salad  


    Assorted Snacks

    Protein Bars Cheese
    Candy Yogurt
    Chips Gum


    Assorted Pepsi products