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Procedures for Purchase Order, Check Request and Petty Cash Forms

Remember to allow 10 business days for approval and payment processing.

The following procedures are intended to be used by those who have purchasing authority over CSUSM Corporation projects and programs. These procedures have been developed within the guidelines of the CSUSM Corporation Procurement Policy and, accordingly, are separate from University purchasing policies and procedures.

Purchasing of goods or services is typically performed through the use of the following methods:

Purchase Orders

If purchasing computers, please refer to Computer Purchase Procedures

Also see General Provisions for Information Technology Acquisitions, General Provisions for Services Acquisitions and General Provisions for Acquisitions of Goods.

If purchasing hazardous materials, please contact your CSUSM Corporation administrator for special procedures.

When purchasing from a vendor through CSUSM Corporation, the CSUSM Corporation Purchase Order is used.  Reimbursements less than $50 will be processed with a Petty Cash form (see below).

Please review the Procurement Policy before completing the purchase order form. Instructions for completing the purchase order form are included in the document and on the tutorial sheet of the document. Purchase orders must be submitted at least 10 business days prior to any event or any deposit due.

After CSUSM Corporation assigns a PO number to the order, the requesting department places the order with the vendor and requests that they include the PO number on their invoice. 

Once the order is received...

  • Save all packing slips.  Write the purchase order number and date on the packing slip. Keep the packing slip for your records and available for inspection should CSUSM Corporation auditors require review.
  • In most cases, vendor invoices are mailed directly to CSUSM Corporation. However, an invoice may be sent directly to the department or included with the shipment. Please make sure that all original invoices are sent to CSUSM Corporation for payment and marked "OK to pay," signed and dated (keep a copy for your records). If an original invoice cannot be secured, contact CSUSM Corporation Accounts Payable for alternative procedures. Monthly statements are not considered original invoices.

*P.O.'s must be signed by an authorized Project Signer. The "Okay to Pay" on an invoice may be signed by the University or CSUSM Corporation employee receiving the goods.

If the final invoice amount differs from the purchase order amount by $100 or more, a Purchase Order Amendment must be completed and submitted to CSUSM Corporation for approval and processing.

Check Requests

Check Requests are used for purchases not initiated through Purchase Orders or the Petty Cash Form.  

A check request may be used for expense advances (travel advances must use the travel request form).

Steps and guidelines in competing the Check Request form:

  • Complete all information on form. Be sure to include a complete description of the purpose of the expense, which must adhere to procurement policy. All meal reimbursements must include names of people in attendance.
  • Check advance box and sign advance section if appropriate.
  • Have the request signed by a person authorized to sign on the project.
  • Attach original receipts and any other backup documentation. Copies or faxes of receipts are not allowed.
  • Any expense advances will be required to be cleared by submitting original expense documentation within 30 days of the advance. New advances will not be issued until old advances are cleared.
  • Check requests must be submitted to CSUSM Corporation at least 10 business days before the check is needed.
Petty Cash

The Petty Cash form should only be used for reimbursements under $50. The Petty Cash form is submitted to CSUSM Corporation for approval. Once approved, it is then returned to the individual who then receives their cash reimbursement from the campus cashier's office.

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