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Chapter 9

CSUSM Corporation Office of Sponsored Projects - Principal Investigator/Project Director Manual

Chapter 9:  What if I need to revise my budget or extend my project period?


Requirements and guidelines for rebudgeting vary among sponsoring agencies.  Please refer to your Grant/Contract Information form for information specific to your project. 

Fixed-price contracts typically do not include requirements for sponsor approval of budgetary changes, while federally sponsored grants may require sponsor approval in certain circumstances.

No-Cost Extensions

Most federal agencies allow principal investigators a one-time opportunity to extend their project period by one year.  Most federal agencies allow electronic submission and automatic approval at this point.  However, any extension does require prior approval from the agency.  In other situations, the request should be sent to the sponsor agency at least 30 days prior to the project's original end date.  The request should be signed by both the principal investigator and the USARC OSP.  The USARC OSP can assist you in preparing the request, securing signatures, and forwarding to the sponsor agency at your request.  If you have any questions regarding this process, contact the USARC OSP.