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Conversations about health and wellness can be challenging. On campus, faculty, staff and students experience opportunities to engage in these difficult dialogues. Kognito drives positive change in health behaviors through the use of immersive learning experiences with virtual humans.

Programs Avaliable

Faculty and Staff: How You Can Help Create a Supportive Campus for Veteran Students

Student Health and Counseling Services (SHCS) is aware of the unique challenges facing our returning student Veteran population.   To create a supportive campus community for our Veteran students, SHCS offers an online training simulation targeted to faculty and staff.   In this 30-minute course, you will learn how to manage a class discussion around a Veteran sensitive topic, and help a student Veteran who’s struggling academically in your class. 

Faculty:  How You Can Help Stressed Students

Student Health and Counseling Services (SHCS) is increasingly aware of the amounts of stress our students are experiencing and its negative impact on their health and academic performance. To address this concern, SHCS has adopted an online training simulation that will assist faculty to better identify and refer students to SHCS services. We highly recommend that you take this 45-minute interactive program. 

Students: How You Can Help Yourself and Others

Stress and/or anxiety have negative impact on your health and wellness and academic performance. To address this concern, Student Health and Counseling Services (SHCS) encourage students to view an online training simulation that can help you, if you are concerned about yourself or another student. This 45-minute interactive program will help you to identify stress and anxiety signs of pyshcological distress; to talk with friends about what they are experiencing; and refer students to counseling and/or support services on campus. 

Faculty: How to be supportive to our LGBTQ Students on Campus

Students that identify as LGBTQ can sometimes feel marginalized on university campuses. By participating in this module, you are taking steps to make CSUSM a friendlier place for our LGBTQ students. You will learn ways to manage classroom discussions when discriminatory language is used; learn what to say to support a student who discloses an LGBTQ identity; identify when a student might be in distress and how to connect them to local support services.

Students: How to make campus a supportive environment for our LGBTQstudents

Learn effectively strategies in creating a safe place on campus and becoming an ally to our LGBTQ identified students. Learn ways to address discriminatory language; Learn how to respond in a supportive manner when a peer comes out as LGBTQ; Be able to approach and refer a peer who may be distressed and need additional support.

To access these training modules

1. Go to:
2. If this is your first time accessing a Kognito module, please create an account. The enrollment key is csusm21.
3. If you have accessed a Kognito module before, please login using your account information.
4. Once logged in, you can choose the appropriate course you would like to complete. 
Please note that by singing up for the following service, you are creating an account external to CSUSM. To ensure the safety of your online accounts, it is crucial that you use a unique username and password combination for each unique online account. This practice helps to prevent your accounts from being compromised by segregating your unique online accounts. 

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