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Reporting a Positive Case

To ensure that CSUSM can provide support and resources to faculty, staff and students with potential or confirmed exposure to COVID-19, the university requests that individuals (or a designee) complete the form below. This information will also assist CSUSM and public health officials with monitoring the incidence of cases occurring in our community.

Please note: CSUSM is committed to ensuring that your submission remains private and only is utilized as a means to provide support and resources. Your submission is not a substitute for medical advice; we recommend that you call your medical provider for medical advice. If you are in medical distress, please call 911.

If you suspect you are infected or have been exposed to COVID-19, follow the steps from the CDC guidelines to help prevent the disease from spreading to people in your home and community.

3 ways to report a case or potential exposure

  • Use the COVID Case Reporting Form
  • Send an email to the Campus COVID Case Coordination Team:
  • Leave a voicemail at 760-750-7800
  • Emails and voicemails are monitored even during evenings and weekends and will be responded to as swiftly as possible.