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Employee Vaccine Requirement & Exemption

Our safest defense against the spread of COVID is vaccination. The CSU updated its vaccination policy on Dec. 22, announcing that all students and employees who come to campus must be vaccinated and receive their booster once eligible or have a medical or religious exemption.  

Submit Your Documentation

Fully vaccinated means the person has completed the primary series (doses 1 & 2 of an mRNA vaccine or dose 1 of Johnson vaccine) and is not eligible for an booster or has completed the primary series (doses 1 & 2 of an mRNA vaccine or dose 1 of Johnson vaccine) and received all booster dose(s) of an approved vaccine for which an individual is eligible per current CDC recommendations and subject to availability. Find out where you can get a COVID-19 vaccine at

Qualifying Exemptions

Medical and religious exemptions are permitted under the following guidelines. 

Medical Exemption

Due to a medical (including mental health) condition for which an approved vaccine presents a significant risk of a serious adverse reaction. Any medical exemption must be verified by a certified or licensed healthcare professional. Attached documentation from a certified or licensed healthcare professional indicating medical reasons is required.

Religious Exemption

Due to either (i) a person’s sincerely held religious belief, observance, or practice, which includes any traditionally recognized religion, or (ii) beliefs, observances, or practices which an individual sincerely holds and that occupy a place of importance in that individual’s life, comparable to that of traditionally recognized religions. Documentation is not required.

Certify Your Vaccination Status or Request an Exemption

Employees will have the option to: 

  • attest and submit proof of vaccination, or
  • request a medical exemption and upload a physician’s note, or
  • request a religious exemption and attest to sincerely held religious beliefs

The Vaccine Certification Program can be accessed through the CSUSM mobile app (under the COVID Resources icon) or through the link below.  

Vaccination & Exemption Form COVID Testing