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Extended Learning

Extended Learning

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This fully online Accelerated Bachelor of Arts in Sociology program is built for you to examine and address large- and small-scale social problems. The program starts two times a year, in the fall and spring and can be completed in 16 months with eight-week semesters.

Please note: The Accelerated online program only offers the standard concentration
Please note: Students who start programs during the summer term are ineligible to receive funding through Cal Grant

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  • Aug. 9, 6:00 p.m. - 7:00 p.m. - RSVP
  • Sept. 13, 6:00 p.m. - 7:00 p.m. - RSVP 
  • Oct. 11, 6:00 p.m. - 7:00 p.m. - RSVP 
  • Nov. 8, 6:00 p.m. - 7:00 p.m - RSVP 
  • Dec. 13, 6:00 - 7:00 p.m - RSVP 

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New cohorts begin every fall and spring semester.

Application and document deadlines:

  • Spring 2023: Aug. 3, 2022

View application instructions.

Spring 2023 Application

Please note: We are temporarily accepting unofficial transcripts for applications for the Spring 2023 term.

Program Details


    How to Apply

    Admission Requirements

    • Minimum 2.00 cumulative grade point average in all transferable units attempted
      • 2.5 GPA for students who have already completed a bachelors
    • Successful completion of a minimum of 60 transferable units


    • Successful completion of SOC 101 and SOC 201
    • Successful completion of the following courses with a “C-” or better (12 units)
      • Oral Communication (A1)
      • Written Communication (A2)
      • Critical Thinking (A3)
      • Mathematics/Quantitative Reasoning (B4)

    Please note: To be considered for admission you must reside in an approved state.

     View Catalog Page

    Please note: The Accelerated online program only offers the standard concentration


    Cost Breakdown
    Semester Units* Subtotal**

    Fall Semester 1 - Block 1

    8 $3,192
    Fall Semester 1 - Block 2 7 $2,793
    Spring Semester 1 - Block 1 7 $2,793
    Spring Semester 1 - Block 2 8 $3,192
    Summer Semester 1 - Block 1 6 $2,394
    Summer Semester 1 - Block 2 6 $2,394
    Fall Semester 2 - Block 1 8 $3,192
    Fall Semester 2 - Block 2 8 $3,192
    Total 58 $23,142

    *Unit rate for this program is $399

    **University semester fees not included. View complete breakdown of Extended Learning fees. Semester tuition subtotals based on sample program sequence. All quoted tuition rates are based on previous academic years and are subject to change without notice.

    Funding and Financial Aid

    Please note: Students who start programs during the summer term are ineligible to receive funding through Cal Grant


    View course descriptions and specific program requirements on the Accelerated Sociology Catalog Page.

    Please note: This program has a set schedule of courses that you are expected to follow as part of your cohort.

    Sample Schedule
    Semester Course (units)

    Fall Semester 1 - Block 1

    SOC 320 (4)

    SOC 311 (4)

    Fall Semester 1 - Block 2

    SOC 360 (4)

    SPAN 101 (3)

    Spring Semester 1 - Block 1

    SOC elective (4)

    SPAN 102 (3)

    Spring Semester 1 - Block 2

    SOC 361 (4)

    SOC elective (4)

    Summer Semester 1 - Block 1

    UDGE (3)

    SPAN 201 (3)

    Summer Semester 1 - Block 2

    UDGE (3)

    UDGE (3)

    Fall Semester 2 - Block 1

    SOC elective (4)

    SOC elective (4)

    Fall Semester 2 - Block 2

    SOC 480 (4)

    SOC elective (3-4)

    Schedule is subject to change.

  • FAQ

    What is a cohort?

    A cohort is a group of students who work through a curriculum together to achieve the same academic degree. Because they are accepted into the same program, take their classes together and graduate together, students in cohorts tend to form a strong support system and professional network that benefit them during their degree program and beyond.

    What services do you offer to active military, veterans and dependents?

    Please visit our military and veteran services page to learn how we can help.

    What can I expect to learn in this program?

    • How to analyze and interpret the diversity of social experience using a sociological perspective
    • How to locate, analyze, assess, and communicate sociological scholarship
    • How to articulate the ethical and social justice implications of sociological inquiry
    • How to demonstrate the ability to employ a range of research strategies - quantitative and qualitative - to particular research questions, theoretical orientations, and social contexts

    What are the overall course requirements?

    • A survey of the social correlates of inequality (SOC 311, or SOC 313, or SOC 315)
    • A foundational survey of sociological theory {SOC 320)
    • Two courses in sociological research methods, one focusing on quantitative techniques (SOC 360), and one focusing on qualitative methods (SOC 361)
    • One senior-level capstone experience (either SOC 480 or SOC 495)
    • 15-16 units of upper division sociology electivies

Accelerated program

Complete the program in just 16 months with convenient online classes designed to help you advance within the field of sociology

Analyze and interpret social issues

This program will teach you how to analyze and communicate social experiences and how to articulate the implications of ethical and social justice issues

Learn from dedicated faculty

Program faculty are dedicated to helping you use key insights and analytic methods of sociology to improve the social conditions in which we and others coexist

Range of topics

Program topics include sociological theory, inequality, critical race, ethnic studies, gender in society, research methods and more


California leads the nation in employment of sociologists, with 990 practitioners, more than triple the number found in the next-highest state. Sociologists in California earn an annual mean wage of $95,550, the third-highest in the nation.

– Bureau of Labor Statistics

Occupational Outlook Handbook

– Bureau of Labor Statistics

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