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Recycling FAQ

  • Which recycling containers should I use when outdoors?

     Recycling containers are located throughout the campus.  They are paired with trash containers and considered "single stream." This means that ALL recyclables can be deposited in those BEIGE or BLUE bins.

     outdoor trash cans

  • What about indoors?

    • Individual offices are supplied with blue recycling containers for desk side use.
    • Common areas, conference rooms and break rooms, large blue containers are provided.
    • There are also large blue recycling bins at the end of the corridors and in common areas in most buildings.

    recycling and trash

  • How often are the recyclables collected?

    • The large containers located both indoors and outdoors are serviced daily or as needed. 
    • Desk side containers are to be emptied in to large containers by user.  They will not be emptied by staff.
    • To report an overfilled container or excessive recyclables, please contact Facility Services at (760)750-4600.
  • Do we recycle printer cartridges?

    • Yes, please send your used inkjet printer cartridges via inter-office mail to Facility Services where they will be recycled. Do not use the direct mail envelopes, they are obsolete and cannot be mailed to the old address.
    • Laser jets will be collected upon request.
  • How do I recycle electronics?

    Call Materials Management (760)750-4539. If the item is still working, it may be donated to a local educational institution for reuse. If it is out of service, it will be recycled as e-waste.
  • Does the CSUSM campus community have to recycle?

    Yes, all California government institutions, including colleges and universities, are required by law- AB75 and SB-1016 to divert at least 50% of their waste from the landfills as of January 1, 2005. Cal State San Marcos has complied with that mandate each year.

                        trashcan in classroom