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Calendar Fact Sheet


25Live Featured Events Calendar
Fact Sheet

In order to process your request for the Featured Events Calendar in a timely manner, please consider the following items:

    • What constitutes a Featured Event?  A Featured Event is open to the entire campus community and has a complete description of the event.
    • Define your event – Include a description of your event that will highlight the purpose of the event (a maximum 100 words or less).  There is no need to include the date, time and location as they will appear in the header on the calendar.
    •  Setup time vs. Event time –The time you enter in the “event time” section is what will be advertised on the calendar and therefore be the time guests will arrive.   Be sure to use the feature in the Event Request Form to allocate separate set up time. 
    • Audiences – To ensure that your event is posted and reaches the audience of your choice, please select the appropriate calendars on which you would like your event to appear.  (ie: Student Calendar, Community Calendar, Campus Meetings, etc.)   NOTE:  Your selection of these other calendars automatically results in your event being displayed on that calendar and, unlike the Featured Events Calendar, is not subject to a review.  Also, your request for the Featured Events Calendar is completely separate from selecting other calendars.
    • Exclusions – Classes and workshops are not considered featured events.
    • Serving Food – If you are serving food and your event is open to the entire campus, consider if you can really accommodate all those who attend.  If not, be specific as to which audience you wish to reach and indicate the calendar of your choice.
    • Lead Time –  For best results and optimal attendance, submit your request at least 3-4weeks (or more if possible) in advance of the event.