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Requirements for Film Studies Minor

Requirements for the Minor

Please see the Film Studies Minor Advising Sheet for more information including approved courses that count in each area.

 The Film Studies Minor requires completion of eighteen (18) units of credit, twelve (12) units of which must be at the upper division level. The thematic areas of the Film Studies Minor are as follows:


A. Film and Theory: 3 units
B. Film and Production: 3 Units
C. Film, Society, and Culture: 3 Units
D. Film and History: 3 Units
E. One (1) approved elective course: 3 Units

New courses in the process of being approved for Film Studies may be counted toward the minor by petition through the Film Studies Coordinator.

For questions and advising, please contact:

Sandra Doller
Film Studies Coordinator
Department of Literature and Writing Studies
(760) 750-8569