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Major & Minor Worksheets/Option Checklists

Catalog Term: 2022-2023
(update in progress)

These worksheets will reflect the requirements of all stateside undergraduate majors and minors for the 2022-23 catalog term (please check the top left corner of the worksheet for its catalog term as worksheet updates are currently in progress and the newest version my not yet be posted). Worksheets are intended for supplemental use only. Please check your major (plan) term in your ARR to make sure you are following the correct catalog term.  Catalog Rights information can be found online.

Worksheet Archive

If you would like to view a major or minor worksheet or option checklist reflecting an earlier catalog term, please visit the Worksheet Archive.

All major and minor worksheets and option checklists on this site and in the archive are intended for supplemental use only.

The University will use your Academic Requirements Report (ARR) to track all of your graduation requirements, including those for your major and/or minor. Please continue to check your ARR for accuracy.

If your ARR requires a correction, please submit an ARR Correction Form.

To run your ARR and/or to declare or change your major/minor, please visit your Student Center in MyCSUSM