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Career Counseling


Career Counseling

You can schedule a Career Counseling appointment through Handshake.  Individual counseling appointments with a career counselor can help you with:

  • Career and major exploration through self-assessment and decision making exercises
  • Assessment of skills, interests, personality traits and values
  • Exploration of graduate school options
  • Developing job search strategies
  • Resources for exploring the world of work
  • Interviewing skills through Mock Interviews
  • Skills such as letter writing, resume writing, networking
  • Salary and benefit negotiation


Whether you are feeling a little nervous about an upcoming interview or you just have a few questions about the process, a practice interview is a very valuable experience. Career Counselors will ask you typical interview questions and give you feedback. You may also choose to have us record your interview, so you can review your own performance.   


The Career Center offers online assessments to assist in your major and career exploration process that can:

  • Increase self-understanding and explore your interests, personality type, skills, strengths, and values
  • Reaffirm major and career choices and/or introduce new options
  • Help you develop the language to describe your strengths to potential employers

Please make an appointment to talk to a career counselor and find out which will be best for you! Note that some assessments require a follow up appointment with a counselor who can help you interpret your results and identify next steps.

For faculty: If you are an instructor interested in incorporating assessments into your classes, please contact Andres Favela

Learn More About Specific Assessment Types 

Graduate School

The Career Center provides graduate school advising, admissions testing information and application workshops. If you have questions about applying for or deciding on a graduate school program, make an appointment to meet with a Career Counselor.

Job Search

The Career Center can help you with your job search:

  • Full-time, part-time and on-campus job listings
  • Job Fairs
  • Networking strategies
  • Personal branding
"My appointment with Josh was helpful because he gave an objective view of my LinkedIn profile and made helpful suggestions. I would recommend Josh to another student because he asks questions that will spark ideas on how to be a better applicant."
-Eric S., MBA Student
"I have used the Career Center for career fairs and 1:1 resume support. The career fairs have been informative for me to gather information to help me apply to jobs, when the time comes.  My 1:1 resume appointment was helpful to confirm my independent research on resume writing, and also gave me some helpful advice on specific parts of the resume (i.e., Mission Statement). I hope that this support from the Career Center will assist me in obtaining a job when I graduate. I would recommend other students utilize this resource while it is available to them because there really isn't many other free and easily accessible resources that are dedicated to your future success once you leave CSUSM. Use it while you can!"
 -Kayleigh C., Spring 2020
"When looking into graduate school to become a school psychologist, I had no idea what that even meant or how to become one. I made an appointment with the Career Center (with Sarah Schoenleber). She was AMAZING! She literally gave me a guide on how to become a school psychologist.   She even helped me find nationally accredited colleges & explained the "how to" apply process step by step. I began applying in October 2020, and honestly without her help, I don't think I would even be considering graduate school. I truly cannot thank her & the Career Center enough for giving us such great resources even during the pandemic."
-Melissa L., Spring 2021
"I have always had great appointments with counselors. Most recently as an alumni, I had two great appointments for resume help and Then interview help. The counselors helped me land the job I wanted by walking me through tailoring my resume to the position with my knowledge and experiences and also developing stories or examples to verbalize my skill set to an interviewer. They were easy to talk to and also made me feel confident. These counselors were specifically Karin Iwasaka and Joshua Galea’i."
-Lauren W., Alumni 2018