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Panetta Congressional Internship

In August 2022, the Panetta institute will begin the 24th annual Congressional Internship program for students selected from the twenty-three campuses of the California State University along with three private universities. The program runs thirteen weeks, beginning with a two-week session at the Panetta Institute, followed by eleven weeks in Washington, ending in November 2022.

Campuses are invited to choose one outstanding undergraduate (junior or senior) student leader to participate in an extraordinary learning experience held at the institute and in the nation's capital. This program is open to students in any academic major recognized by the university, subject to the criteria stipulated below. It provides an opportunity for students to enhance their educational experience by providing real-world engagement in the exploration of Congress, civil leadership, and community and public service. The cost of the program is fully funded, allowing participation by any qualified student, independent of family income. Student benefits include academic fees and tuition, food and housing, a living stipend, a text-binder, and other academic materials, along with air and ground transportation.

Application Process

Qualified applicants will be selected based on their application materials and the program requirements. Selected applicants will be contacted for an interview with the campus selection committee. During the interview, the committee will assess the applicant’s clarity of speech, overall demeanor and character, leadership potential or experience, and interest in or commitment to community and public service, among other items. The selected finalist will advance to an interview with President Neufeldt on April 8 and makes the recommendation to the Panetta Institute. All applicants will be notified of selection or non-selection.

CSUSM’s nominee will interview with the Panetta Institute, which includes a representative from the CSU Chancellor’s Office the week of April 25. The Panetta Institute interview team reserves the right to reject the nominee if the student fails to meet the Panetta Institute’s standards set for participation. Students may also be rejected due to the findings of the required background investigation. The Panetta Institutes makes the final determination for all program participants.

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