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Internships for Community Members

Important Announcement

Due to current COVID-19 Federal, State and County restrictions, we strongly recommend offering virtual internship opportunities, if possible. The Career Center is here to assist you in regard to best practices in creating virtual internships. When your organization is able to offer an on-site internship opportunity, CSUSM students may  participate in on-site internship activities in the State of California provided the student and the organization follow current Federal, State, and County public health guidelines effective May 19, 2020. Organizations will be required to submit evidence they are in compliance with public health guidelines. 

What is a Partnership?

The purpose of the University Community Partnership agreement is twofold:

  1. It provides guidelines that allow for safe and positive learning environments where the risk and liability have been minimized for all parties; and
  2. It provides necessary information to list your organization in our internship database where interested students search for internship opportunities. 

Establish a new partnership

  • Step 1: Review Program Requirements and the Internship Handbook

    In addition to reviewing the program requirements below, please review the Community Partner Internship Handbook for tips and suggestions when creating your internship opportunity. 

    Program requirements include:

    • Ensuring the internship position is related to an academic field of study available at CSUSM
    • Ensuring the internship position consists of pre-professional or professionally-related work assignments and tasks (note: administrative tasks must not exceed 20% of the internship).
    • Ensuring a safe and appropriate learning environment
    • Permitting, as needed, a CSUSM faculty/staff member to conduct a site visit prior to the student commencing internship work
    • Learn and be familiar with federal student privacy laws (FERPA) and adhere to it accordingly
    • Providing training and consistent guidance and supervision by a professional staff member
    • Providing a workplace orientation to the student including safety and emergency procedures
    • Allowing interns to meet with their supervisors and receive feedback on their activities on a regular basis
    • Verifying internship hours completed
    • Completing a partner experience survey


    If you will be offering an unpaid internship, review the Internship Programs and the Fair Labor Standards Act to ensure your internship opportunity meets the criteria for an allowable unpaid internship. Credit for internships is administered solely by the university. Students interested in obtaining credit must enroll in an internship course and obtain approval from their major department to confirm the appropriateness of the internship. 

  • Step 2: Submit an Application for a University Community Partnership

    Complete the Request to Initiate Partnership form online.  To process your application in a timely manner, please ensure to answer all questions thoroughly. Please note your “Main Contact” information will be listed in the database for our students and faculty to view as the point of contact for your organization. If your application is on behalf of a pre-selected student, please indicate in the application. 

    Your application will be reviewed within 5-7 business days and you will be contacted directly upon completion of this step.

    Resource Guide for the "Request to Initiate Partnership" form

  • Step 3: Sign a University Community Partnership Agreement
    The application will be reviewed and, upon approval, a University Community Partnership Agreement will be sent to your organization to review and sign. The agreement will be valid for 5 years. Your organization and internship information will be uploaded to the Internship Database for our students  and faculty to review upon receiving your signed agreement.  

Apply for a University Community Partnership

New Opportunity for Existing Partners

 If you already have a signed agreement, but would like to advertise a new opportunity, click the "Submit a new opportunity" below. 

Submit a new opportunity

Update an Opportunity for Existing Partners

If you already have a current university community partnership agreement with us and want to submit a new internship opportunity, please contact us to receive a custom link with your pre-filled information. 

Academic Calendar

To ensure your internship opportunity is posted in a timely manner, please submit a request 4-6 weeks prior to the start of the semester

Spring 2022: January 24 - May 13                                                                                Summer 2022:  June - August
Fall 2022: August 30 - December 11

If you need assistance with your internship listing or have any other questions regarding internships, please contact the Career Center at (760) 750-7005 or

Also see: Frequently Asked Questions