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Frequently Asked Questions

Promoting an Internship

Hosting an Intern

  • I already have a student selected, do I still need to become a community partner?

    Organizations hosting students for an academic internship are required to establish a university community partnership. This is to ensure the student is being provided with a safe and an academic-oriented opportunity. Furthermore, it promotes ongoing collaboration between community partners and the university. 
  • Do I need to fill out additional paperwork upon hiring the intern?

    No additional paperwork is needed on behalf of the community partner once the agreement has been finalized. The student is responsible for creating a placement in the internships database and an internship placement confirmation will automatically be sent to the internship site supervisor. In some cases the student's faculty or instructor may request additional forms to be completed. 
  • How do I track and report the student's time?

    If the internship will be taken for credit/a course fulfillment, the student is responsible for tracking their time. The student's faculty or instructor may request additional paperwork.

Current Community Partners