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Due to current COVID-19 Federal, State and County restrictions, we strongly recommend that students search for and chose virtual internships, when at all possible. If an in-person internship is necessary to complete required hours, CSUSM students may participate in on-site internships activities in the State of California provided the student and the organization follow current Federal, State, and County public health guidelines effective May 19, 2020. Organizations will be required to submit evidence they are  in compliance with public health guidelines. If have any questions, please contact the Career Center.

Our Goals

  • Provide robust administrative and operational support for the faculty and students engaged in the high-impact practice of for-credit, academic internships; and
  • Assist with sustaining existing and developing new university-community partnerships related to for-credit internships.

Getting Started

Download the Faculty Toolkit (zip file)

Faculty Toolkit

  • Access the Internship Database of Partners
  • Creating Effective Internships
  • CSUSM Internship Policy
  • Faculty Checklist
  • Faculty Handbook
  • Samples
  • Student workplace and safety orientation
  • Timesheets for interns

For additional information, see the frequently asked questions for faculty.

Faculty Requesting a New Community Partner

A University Community Partnership is important because it establishes guidelines and policies for a quality internship experience. If you want to work with a particular organization that is not on the database, you may fill out a request to have an application sent to the organization.

This form will go directly to the prospective site requesting a partnership application be completed. Faculty should submit this form after confirming an employer can host their students for academic internship opportunities.  Please make sure the contact information is correct before submitting.