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Career Center Road Map

Your future starts here.

Map with milestones

Our Career Roadmap can help you design and develop your career journey by pinpointing milestones. Use the steps below to begin!

Assess Yourself

Career fulfilment emerges from an alignment between who you are and the work that you do. Your career journey begins here with an understanding of your strengths, interests, skills, values, and personality! 


Once you have a good understanding of yourself regarding the world of work, the next step is to understand your best-fit major and career options. Continue your career journey by using these occupational research tools to help you explore the many paths available to you! 

Build Your Brand

First impressions of who you are professionally and what you have to offer are part of your professional “brand” or identity. Your brand = your reputation. Your resume and cover letter are written parts of your brand. For help formatting your resume and cover letter, click the corresponding links below for tips.

Get Connected & Network

Networking is the ongoing process of developing and maintaining reciprocal, mutually beneficial relationships. Why network? To build your reputation and brand, learn about opportunities, advice, and connections and collaborate and share information with others. Begin getting connected digitally through LinkedIn, Cougar Connect Mentoring Program and Handshake by clicking below.

Gain Experience

While you’re a student, seek internships and jobs that can help you develop relevant skills and experience, gain insight into prospective careers, and increase your future marketability.

Prepare to Launch

Continue building upon previous actions as you work toward career and graduate school goals. Implement different job search strategies, including continuing to network and attending career fairs and events. Be prepared to highlight your qualifications in interviews.