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Important Announcement

Due to current COVID-19 Federal, State and County restrictions, we strongly recommend that students search for and chose virtual internships, when at all possible. If an in-person internship is necessary to complete required hours, CSUSM students may participate in on-site internships activities in the State of California provided the student and the organization follow current Federal, State, and County public health guidelines effective May 19, 2020. Organizations will be required to submit evidence they are in compliance with public health guidelines.  If you are interested in participating in an on-site internship outside the State of California, contact the Career Center. Please contact your faculty or the email the Career Center if you have questions.

Getting Started

The Career Center provides internship opportunities and resources. 

To begin, select your internship:

  • Credit Internships
    Credit internships are a great opportunity to earn credits to while gaining work experience. Many of CSUSM's academic departments offer credit-bearing internship courses. 
  • Non-Credit Paid Internships                                                                                         Non-credit internships are opportunities for career exploration and gaining short-term work experience and network within different career fields.

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