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 Enrollment and Course Requirements

  • I have a question regarding course enrollment?
    The Career Center does not oversee enrollment or course requirements. To obtain more information, contact your major adviser or course instructor. For additional information regarding internships that will be taken for a course, see the “credit internships” section on the CSUSM Career Center Website.
  • Can I begin my internship hours before the course begins?
    Internships typically begin after the first class meeting and a starting date will be provided by your course instructor. Arrangements to begin the internship at an earlier date must be arranged with the course instructor.
  • How many hours am I required to complete for my internship?
    A typical course will require between 90-120 hours for the semester. If the internship will not be taken for a course, we suggest the internship does not exceed more than 20 hours per week. Unpaid internships should not exceed a semester.

Finding an Internship

  • I’m planning on taking an internship course, how do I start and where can I find one?

    If you are planning on taking an internship course, log on to the Academic Internships Database to view over 1,000 CSUSM approved internship sites. Handshake will also offer listings to non-credit internships. Refer to the CSUSM Intern Handbook for more information.

    Keep in mind that getting an internship takes advanced preparation. Consider the following questions while searching for an internship:

    1. What are your specific career interests?
    2. What do you want to gain from the internship?
    3. What type of organization are you interested in?


    You can also seek out additional resources by:

    • Consulting with your professors, major advisor or a Career Counselor to assist you with additional planning
    • Use your social and professional networks
    • Attend the CSUSM Career Center fairs and events
    • Research companies and organizations in your field of interest

    For additional information about securing an internship, see the credit and non-credit internship sections on our website.

  • When should I apply for an internship?

    The application timeframe is largely based on the organization type. Government agencies and larger companies typically recruit students 6 months up to a year prior to the internship start date. Some businesses and non-profit organization will recruit several weeks prior to the internship start date. For exact deadlines, research organizations you are considering applying to in the future.

  • Can I get credit for a past internship I've completed?
    No. Internships cannot be approved retroactively for credit. Like any academic coursework, an internship requires faculty supervision, learning objectives, and regular feedback.
  • Is it okay to intern for a family member?
    To avoid a conflict of interest, students may not intern with family members.
  • Can I complete my hours at my current workplace?

    Per the CSUSM Student Internship Policy, students using their job as their internship experience must seek pre-approval from the course instructor to ensure the experience is above and beyond the student’s regular work duties and meets the content for the internship course.  

  • Are there any international internship opportunities?
    At the moment, all internship opportunities are located in the USA. For study abroad opportunities, contact the Global Programs and Services.
  • Can I intern for a home-based business?
    Home-based businesses may be approved once required criteria are met. Furthermore, a site visit may be required but does not guarantee approval.   
  • How do I find a remote internship opportunity?
    Use the database to search for the key word: “remote” internships. In addition, use your network to learn more about internships in your industry. You can also utilize other online search engines such as LinkedIn, and

Using the Academic Internship Database

Additional Resources

*The CSUSM University Community Partnership Agreement requires all parties to follow all applicable federal, state and local laws and regulations, including but not limited to laws prohibiting discrimination and harassment.

If you feel you have been discriminated, harassed, or have a non-emergency safety concern at an internship site, contact the Director of the Career Center, Dr. Yasmine Farley immediately.

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