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About Academic Advising


The CSUSM Office of Academic Advising is a welcoming environment that empowers students of all backgrounds to be confident, resilient, and self-sufficient learners. Advisors encourage students to develop skills and knowledge that lead to identifying, planning, and achieving educational goals aligned with their values and aspirations. The unique relationship between advisor and student maximizes students’ academic experiences, builds their confidence, and enriches their personal and intellectual growth, while providing reassurance, direction, and hope. We envision graduating students who have enhanced their cultural capital, thereby permitting them to imagine and attain brighter futures for themselves while also creating positive impacts in our local and global communities.


The Office of Academic Advising exists to provide centralized, integrated, and uniform academic advising services for all undergraduate students. We are professional academic advisors with diverse and seasoned expertise whose purpose is to provide supportive, consistent points of contact for students ensuring clarity, uniformity, and accessibility of services related to student success.  Academic Advisors play a critical role in student’s retention and persistence by developing one-to-one relationships that support degree completion. We honor individual backgrounds, support academic growth, and demystify complicated policies and procedures. Our advising services are integral components to the success of our students and demonstrate our commitment to current and future California State University graduation initiatives.

Core Values & Guiding Principles

  • Empathy, Inclusivity, and Accessibility
  • Empowerment and Support 
  • Excellence, Accuracy, and Intentionality 
  • Integrity and Professionalism
  • Collaboration and Adaptability 
  • Progressiveness and Innovation 


  1. Relational Advising
  2. Academic Advisor Development
  3. Visibility & Engagement
  4. Effective Infrastructure