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University Requirements

  • Diversity and Equity Requirement

    Students  must satisfy two Diversity and Equity requirements. Students must pass one course certified to focus on Diversity and Equity in the United States (DEu), and one course certified to focus on Diversity and Equity in Global contexts (DEg). 

    Diversity and Equity courses can “double count” with other current General Education required courses (such as BB, CC, or DD courses) as well as major and/or minor course requirements or electives, and therefore should not involve students taking additional units to graduate.

  • Grade Point Average (GPA) Requirement

    The following three grade point averages, each at 2.0 (C average) or higher, are required for graduation:

    1. A cumulative GPA, which includes both transferred and CSUSM coursework;

    2. A CSUSM GPA;

    3. A GPA in the major, at CSUSM and in coursework accepted as transfer credit for the major from other institutions. 

    Failure to maintain a 2.0 minimum GPA will result in Academic Notice and potential Academic Disqualification.

  • Residency Requirement

    A minimum of thirty (30) units must be completed in residence at CSUSM, of which twenty-four (24) units must be upper-division and twelve (12) of these must be in the major.

    Credit by examination and transfer credit do not fulfill the residency requirement. 

  • Unit Requirement

    Every baccalaureate degree requires completion of a minimum of 120 semester units. 

    At least forty (40) units shall be in upper-division credit.

    No more than seventy (70) units may be transferred from a community college.