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Retirees Association Advisory Council

Meet our Advisory Council Members


Pam Wells

1997 to 2018 - Retired March 2018

Last position held:  Director of the Career Center



 Marie Thomas

Marie Thomas
Vice Chair

1995 to 2017* - Retired December 2017

Last position held:  Department of Psychology, CHABSS 

*(Actual retirement date December 2016; FERPer through
    December 2017)  



Mareen DuPont

Maureen O'Connor DuPont

1991 to 2015 - Retired June 2015

Last position held:  Math Lab Director and Math Professor


Diana Sanchez

Diana Sanchez


Last position held:  Director of the Career Center, Career Center Module Instructor for GEL


Michael Yee

Michael Yee
Member at Large

1990 to 2016 - Retired August 2016

Last position held:  Lead-IITS